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I know for fact that fiverr itself share our gigs on the social media so we get more exposure, so you can’t say it doesn’t work. You can’t see it right away because it takes time and persistence but every kind of marketing does work even social media.

If you ask marketing expert they will tell you that it can take in avg 6 months of constant exposure before the marketing methods give results. It takes time to create awareness about your brand and services, so be persistent.

It is futile to place your gig in social media, as it bring zero result only. By placing your gig on social media you are not promoting your gig but the website, viz Fiverr or Freelancer or SeoClerks. Instead of asking us to place our gigs on social media, these websites should try to bring more traffic to the gigs with their own advertising plans. After all, these websites are not running charity, they charge hefty fees from the buyers and the sellers.

Have a question about promoting on Linked In. My main job is finance and I recently added a gig for Excel. Problem is I also do Graphics and have a gig for that. How should I edit my profile in LinkedIn accomodate both gigs Wondering if I should create a new LinkedIn account

Hi everyone!
I can vouch that share our Gigs through the Social Medias is an awesome way to let everybody can meet us and, of course, they can know what can we do for them for a low price, in fact, a price that can speak from itself saying: Hire me!

But, the facts are that… even with the jump to social media it can be difficult to get hire for someone among a bunch of freelancer. So let the social media do its work and you puting to do you can do best: A work well done, and Happy Customers!

As I observed when I share my gig on social media my views and impression goes down and for a weeks I got no sales. Thats my observation; might be Im wrong.

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I have used a large number of gigs on Fiverr. That said, I have seen absolutely no results. On gig advertised that my link would be blasted to over a million people. Strange, not one person opened my link. Great place for scammers to make money.

banj05 said: Great place for scammers to make money.


I don’t particularly share my Fiverr profile to get gigs via my social media profiles. I like to share the work I do as part of my portfolio as a whole and to engage conversation, interaction and so forth. I think that’s the best way to get traction through social media.

I share on social media – twitter, facebook, linkedin – but I’m not sure how effective that has been because I don’t know who saw what where and who decided from that to buy my gig. I share either my individual gig or fiverr profile with the 14 gig complement. Is there any one strategy that works and how would we as sellers know?

I have never advertised my gigs. Why would I? It’s essentially spamming and it’s far more effective to get your own website and flog your services from there while adding content value along with networking (friendly, not business) with people in whichever area you want to develop your business in.

All you’re doing is advertising a cheap service on a cheap website that effectively markets that website. That’s fine if you go into it with open eyes, but look at the competition and URL and branding. Then consider how the site we’re on is actually modifying its original offer to buyers and consider how cheesed off they get over $5… this discussion isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t bother. I haven’t, and my business has grown. I haven’t even started my website (and with the prices I plan to charge, why would I link back?)

Im new to fiverr.i did few works on it. I shared my gig every day on social media like face book, tweeter,linkdin google etc… withing past few month.but i have no orders to work. Why is it happend…

If I had to sell on facebook, I would rather not have signed up at fiverr, I agree that the social media is important, however I feel therather than individually we posting on the FB or other such sites, Fiverr should be doing so on its own…

when we are sharing on Facebook or Twitter, is it necessary to shorten the URL ?

One thing to realize that you do have a audience and people do need what you have. Now, someone is looking for you. Some times they don’t know where to look but to use search engines. Now, what you can do firstly is to do one of two things or both…

One you can really super charge your profiles and gigs. Interlace them with keywords so that they are picked up by search engines. Then what you do is promote your profile. Via Social Media for starters. And making sure your social media is powerful too. Yes, you can improve your social presence. What that will do is then really improve your profile rankings also.

Secondly, you can build a small website. Nothing fancy. A very simple clean and elegant HTML/CSS site will do, and you can rank that also. Interlacing your gigs and keywords there also. Basically, just having a page for each of your gigs. This is the best time to talk about your gigs at this point.

If you’re about being helpful with spreadsheets for bookkeeping etc…Now is the time to talk about it. Cause a person might be looking for a bookkeeping VA. Now if this is too much, I have to promote Fiverr in general. You can do these things through the Gigs of other professionals.

Now what’s going to happen is this, you can use social signals to promote it. What happens is, it will then become ranking juice from your site to your profile, but I recommend you execute both ideas for a greater search impact.

Now as for Social Media because this is what we’re talking about, I don’t want you to think I’m off topic but this is just tips and ideas for you to use. Because this is the nature of the beast that we call “the internet.”

If you haven’t done this, sign up for “IFTTT.” Which stands for If This Then That. Meaning it will help you with triggering your life events which is what I use to help update my twitter and Facebook.

Now my setup is a little different, cause I’ve involved my home. I have a few phillips Bulbs around the house. So when a person messages me from Fiverr, these lightbulbs would turn green indicating I have a new “as in green” message.

Now, to go ahead for the social purpose, when someone posts a positive and raving review, a message goes to my Facebook automatically saying: “I just completed and order for {fiverr user} and they loved it, in fact they just said this: {fiverr review}!” Which then gets submitted to my Facebook, and for my Twitter it would be a simple, “Hey, I’ve got a new raving review. Check it out…” And I’d leave a link and a few hash tags.

The thing I want to show you, or to really say is, social media and social signals goes a long way. I hope I didn’t confuse you, and I’m hoping all of this is still on point. Cause there are a lot of great ideas here, and I wanted to add this to the mix.

This conversation sparked me with wanting to make a guide of a sort concerning the tips being said, and my idea of really marketing your presence. We’ll see. Having a over the shoulder guide to succeeding online with social media marketing I think would be a great lesson.

What do you think? Stick to the tips here, or are you wanting more. Now on a side note, this isn’t me trying to promote a gig or anything, but I think this topic is very important. Whatever you decide, keep in mind Social Media is important. Anyhow, good luck. I hope to hear from you when I can. Have a great day!

Please how can I reactivate my gig that was paused by fiverr

You have to share or post your gig links on facebook, twitter, and other social media which will direct the visitors to your gig page, and surely the visitors will check out your Profile.

For example, my gigs are about promoting and post your website in facebook groups with over 1 - 5 Million group members or on google plus communities and also promote my gigs on social media for facebook group members to know that i can still share their offers on other groups.

Hope this help.

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Help Please! Is it impact of sharing of main URL?? or Why Show this warnings!!!

“We are currently experiencing some difficulties with videos, images, and file attachments (deliveries) due to a 3rd party issues.”

Reply to @whitehatseo10: point is…on completing every order, why fiverr ask for sharing gig on social media to get more sales?

Reply to @b240_bn: Sure, Sharing on social media will have great impact on your profile

Reply to @seofanatics: you are wrong my friend. Numerous benefits to posting on social media including SEO for your own gig as Facebook, linkedIn, Google+, and twitter are ALL indexed by google.

Not everyone knows about freelancing or even where to find one. They are looking for services and there are MILLIONS of people searching for services on Social media, more than are searching on Fiverr I promise you that.