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Social Media Today

Is it necessary to buy real youtube views? to buy real facebook likes? nor to buy real twitter followers? How necessary is Social Media to you?

IMO [in my opinion], it’s not really necessary. Instead of buying whatever the lingo is that involves increasing one’s presence, one could try increasing the engagement with their desired target. If a certain number is desired, then I guess another [legal] means could be utilized to bring in the numbers.

Social Media nowadays is really important but not as important as some people make it to be.

I find Social Media to be a huge waste of time.

If you’re buying likes/views then chances are the quality of your output is so low that real people won’t take any notice of it anyway. Big waste of time.

It’s not really a good idea since you are no really connecting with this people and they will never come back to your site. It’s always better to stick to a niche and grow it.

Buying likes will be temporary. YouTube and Facebook actively go after this.

Just like Amazon going after fake reviews in law suit. And Fiverr is helping Amazon with this.

These views will be the next target.

good way