Social Media Traffic


Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading some posts here of fellow sellers trying to get some answers like how to get more traffic on their gigs and many people suggested facebook groups, twitter, pinterests , and similar. My request is quite simply. Can someone please send me at least 10 fb groups where I can post my gigs? I have a translation and proofreading gig btw. I’ve tried with some groups but I didn’t get a good result. Thanks in advance.


I think it is a same problem every new sellers. but we dont get any proper guidelines


Hello dear i suggest you visit facebook for fiverr groups you will see many of the groups just join them and make
a post with your fiverr link.
participate in their discussion as well.


thanks! I’ve already tried that but I had no success at all. Maybe I should try doing the same using a VPN (?). Have you tried with that strategy? Did it work for you?


Sorry bro i haven’t tried that and i don’t wanna do that.


You can check other Fiverr groups to see how most of the sellers handling this issue.