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Social Media Will Only Help You If

I have been seeing a lot of questions asking if you can get sales by posting on social media.

You can, but only if you know what you are doing, create content that engages your target audience and there is a demand and interest for not just your particular service, but for you and your specific value.

Posting your gig on social media is only 1/10th of the activity you need to do on social media and in your personal branding in order to make lead generation possible. It is a big time commitment.

And don’t think if you get a lot of gig impressions, that means sales are likely. It doesnt. Aim for leads.

Please research social proof, lead generation and personal branding in social media. Also, look up the sales cycle. It is vital to understand these principles before you try to get business on social media. Otherwise you won’t and you might make yourself look unprofessional or even desperate.

Don’t only post your gig links and don’t do that a lot. Post content that builds a case for what you have to offer. Post insights that help who you want to target. Post things your target audience wants to read, build relationships with them and support them.


Here is the thing about social media. People hate other people promoting themselves on it so don’t look like you are promoting yourself and you might get some success.

I recently had my third order (in three years!) that I know definitely came from Quora. There may have been more, I do tend to get regular “Social” clicks according to Fiverr Analytics. I have been quite active in answering questions about Fiverr, SEO and marketing on Quora and my 80 or so answers tend to get an average of 10 views each every week - even the 3 year old ones.

Fiverr, SEO and marketing are all things I am knowledgeable about and so when I answer questions about them the answers are useful to people. I have NEVER posted a gig link, never suggested anyone buy from me and never spammed the site.
My profile link is in my Quora bio. That’s it.

Edit: Oh look, I got a milestone recently. Note that this means answers I have written on topics related to the services I offer have been seen by 75,000 people in 3 years. This marketing didn’t cost me anything but in my niche, to have Google Ads achieve that, would cost in the region of $30-50,000.


It’s not guaranteed, because when someone will arrive on our gig page and when he/she will see other sellers offering the same service and maybe at a lower price, the probability of “me” being hired dramatically changes. Why? because the potential customer can like other gigs priced lower than mine and can demand a discount or even can argue with me on my prices. It will then solely depends on my communication skills, whether or not I can generate a sale from it.

My “Lead” can turn into a “Sale” for another seller and other seller’s “Lead” can be turned into mine.
Promoting your gigs on social media is just bringing more people to visit Fiverr.

A potential customer is not guaranteed to become a “Buyer” always, he/she can just create an account and start selling his/her services too. This is why Fiverr ask sellers to share their gigs on social media as this grows Fiverr’s reach.

Thanks for sharing your organic success! You clearly established credibility.

Such a good point that you go farther when you don’t “sell” and instead help people and share awesome content.

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This is why it is key to ensure that the customer is coming to Fiverr to buy from you for good reasons. If you promote yourself as the cheapest but the buyer finds someone else cheaper then of course you will lose that sale (you deserve to for lying) but if the buyer is coming to Fiverr for your expertise or other good reasons then why would they look elsewhere?


Absolutely, being promotional is important, too for social leads. My point is that for it to work, you need to be organic as well, more often than promotional.

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A new customer/buyer that has not even tested my services is unaware of my expertise and skills unless the buyer test itself by buying my services and get an experience. He/she than can turn into a repeat buyer.

A new buyer coming from social media through my gig link is unpredictable.


If you just share your link for people to visit then of course what you say is right. But I would actually doubt anyone would bother looking at someone who just shares their link.

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Yes, social proof and rapport are especially important in the latter circumstance. Even if you have a really organic approach and it’s very effective, you probably won’t get a lead unless people have evidence from previous buyers that you are credible and a great fit.

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Bingo. This is exactly my point.

If all you do on social is hustle, you not only don’t attract leads. You make yourself look bad to the very few people who DO see you.

No one wants to follow someone who just uses their social media account as a billboard. It’s not interesting and unhelpful, plus it doesn’t showcase your value. Organic content can.

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