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Social share in fiverr

Do I want to know that is it benefits to share my gig on various social media?

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I don’t know, do you?


I don’t know, don’t we all?

Not at all. I’ve never shared before :stuck_out_tongue:

If y’all don’t know. I don’t know. :crazy_face:

We’re a bunch of dunnos. :grin:



Seen the fact that you are not able to formulate your simple question, you should refrain from doing so, as it will be a total waste of the time you could use to strengthen your language skills.

Just recently I came across a Fiverr seller, who was wasting a lot of effort on Twitter by posting over and over again the same message “Follow this link and hire me” (I’m not kidding).

Every SM platform has it’s own way of handling and 100% of all Fiverr sellers I saw are doing it wrong.
They should take the time and diving in some books by Gary Vee, or at least have a look at his channel on Youtube, before they get their toes wet.


Hello bappydu, I doubt if it would be helpful. I see you have 52 reviews but it looks like the main gig that got the reviews is gone. Try to come up with a new gig would be my advice, something popular that you can do well.