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Social Sharing is not helpful!

Everywhere in fiverr community it is highly suggested to share your gig on social media to promote it and get orders.
I have shared my gig on social media and spent much time to promote it. The views are increasing consequently but the impressions and clicks are not boosting. So not getting any order.

I think the social sharing is not helpful for promoting gigs and I am wasting my time.

I request to Fiverr experts, Please help me regarding this matter. Check my gig and suggest me how can I improve it?

Thank you


Of course it’s not helping. “Sharing your gig on social media” is basically just spamming.
Unless you are doing proper marketing targeting your target audience.


I agree with you when you say the right thing.


You are only considering the bad social media advice here. People in the forum just tell you to share your gigs, but that isn’t actually how sales happen on social media.

Social media can absolutely help you get sales, but not in the way hundreds of people in the forum say it does. Don’t listen to them. They’re just making up advice and they know nothing about online lead generation.

Like anything, social media is only helpful if you use it correctly. Merely sharing your gig doesn’t do that.


You need to understand that knowledge without practice is useless and practice without knowledge is dangerous. I suggest you to first learn from any good social media marketing course, to understand the basics…the social media is bigger opportunity, but you need to find out it…


“Get The Best, From The Good”
Interesting tag line on your profile pic


Better to change the order.

Get the goods from the best.