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Software paint or Original Paint?

Software paint or Original Paint ?

I wanted to know from you: which of these methods do you prefer most ?

(This is not about my gigs because I apply both methods)

Thank you !

I like the amazing things that you can do with art generated by software. Everything’s computerized, man!

As an artist. I would prefer making traditional painting rather than digital painting because I am better at it. However looking around fiverr, I really like it when people do digital painting. Seems very nice, also digital painting might be cheaper to make that’s why artist here mostly prefer to do it having in mind that fiverr start with a base price of 5 dollars.

I’m curious what software paint is. Can you provide a sample or a link to what one looks like?

Hi @steveeyes

This is with After Effect cs6 :

What will happen to my collection? I have some traditional paintings.

Handmade all the way!

Which of these you like for video intro?

Software intro :

Original paint intro :