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Sold 1 gig in over 2 years. Ouch!

I’m starving over here. I sold one gig in over 2 years. I’ve promoted, promoted, and promoted. I’ve even bought gigs for others to promote for me. Any suggestions for a veteran pro?

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To be honest Fiverr is for small one time jobs. For web development, Upwork is much suitable.

Hi man, i checked your profile and i found that you had higher price tags. As a starter on fiverr, you need to reduce your price to the lowest in order to get orders and earn some ratings and reviews to get you to level 1, and gradually you can increase your price tags based on the quality of your services.

Self promotion is the best, promote yourself outside fiverr and bid for project on buyer request section. Remember to reduce your price tags, if you repeat this, i’m pretty sure you must win a project to start off with.

I am agree with you :slight_smile:

I’m on there too. No such luck for me.

I’ll give that a shot joko_designs. Thanks.

I wonder if you write good proposals or not and I’m not sure how’s your profile but don’t share link here. Fiverr has so called TOS.

I can tell you writing is not my strong point. I’ve written over 100 proposals on upwork but have never gotten an interview.

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I can write code better than my own language. :laughing:

ahahaha yeah skills come first.

I would suggest staying away from gig promotion purchases and instead getting someone to write some good gig descriptions for you first.
Next I would say that you need to get something more entry level in your pricing. When you show up in search results, your basic price of $75 will be showing alongside hundreds at a fraction of that price. Coupled with just one review this would put buyers off clicking you.
Introduce a theme install service, customization etc. things you can offer at $5-10 and then build from there.
It will take time to build up to the point where you are earning what you are worth but you will never get there is you keep asking for full price from the start.


Great advice. I’ll try that.

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While I understand your point of view I have to say that you are completely wrong. I specialize in larger orders and long term work on Fiverr, generally $100+, only a minority of my buyers have spent less than $50. My biggest was $2750. Fiverr is just as good any of the others for large projects although a clear milestone method would be useful, it is still not infallible as they are still vulnerable to chargebacks.
There are many others who do the same as I do.

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I see. I actually have to learn alot about Fiverr. I think I’ll need your guidance in future.

A willingness to learn will be a great asset to you here!
Everything you could ever possibly need to know is on the forum already! Stay engaged and check out some of the old threads too. To find the best threads, go to the Forum “Latest” section and click on either “Views” or “Replies” to see all the threads in order of popularity. The best/most important threads will have been pinned at some point so the views are higher and so closer to the top.
Those with most replies can be great too although many of them are either fun and games or neverending arguments.