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Sold 30,000+ Gigs, and Now LOST EVERYTHING! ----- HELP Please!



This is NOT a complaint or not an attempt to get noticed. JUST SHARING Experience, and we would appreciate ANY VALUABLE tips from fellow buyers and sellers on Fiverr


It is really UNBELIEVABLE that we lost Everything [TOP RATED STATUS, EXPRESS STATUS, SEARCH RANKING and everything on FIVERR] for NO REASON

[Got the message that the Top Rated Status is on hold till we review the account, but we never got it back. Although we tried to contact several times, about 10+ times, we got only 1 reply that mentioned we are NOT eligible for the same. We tried to ask WHY but no reason was mentioned than saying only EDITORS know]

Our logo gig was #1 in its category. Anyone can check and verify [not sharing the link as it may be against fiverr rules. You can visit our profile and check the gigs -]

We tried our best to impress all our buyers

We kept all our promises

We delivered all gigs before the delivery time

We offer UNLIMITED revisions and LIFETIME support for $5 [we were the first to offer the same on Fiverr]

Although we tried our best to convince the support staff that we did not do anything against fiverr, nothing happened.

We would appreciate help from everyone

Thank you


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It is unlikely you did not do anything wrong to lose your account…

Reply to @ryangillam: Well, contacted the support team and we were told that only editors know the reasons and it will not be shared

That makes no sense. Why would no reason be given? What is to stop some random Fiverr employee from pulling the accounts of sellers they don’t like, or competitors of their friends, etc.?

What the hell? Okay this is very immoral of them.

I can’t believe there is no reason but for them not to tell you doesn’t seem fair. Since we are only getting one side of the story, it is hard to know what’s going on. I would think you would have at least some idea. Think! Is there anything you may of done but didn’t realize it is violating Fiverr’s TOS.

I hope you find out or at lest figure it out on your own.

@ryangillam, @cheezees, @steveeyes. It’s not unlikely at all. I lost my main gig about 2 months ago. Just gone. Deleted.

I was top 3 in the searches one day. The next day my gig was deleted. (The gig had been up for over 2 years BTW, and was a busy one… and even busier as I climbed the search results) Fiverr Support never gave me a reason. I asked and asked. Finally I just sucked it up and continued on my merry way with a new set of gigs.

And again. I’m not a newbie here. I’m a 2+ year member who has never broken any rules. Never received any negative reviews… not even 1, and sold thousands of gigs.

Gig deleted. No reason and no course of action. I was told that my gig was deleted and even if they wanted to bring it back they couldn’t. But, like I said. No reason was given.

I do have my own theories though. Studying the trends on gigs for over 2 years. Noticing patterns and keeping track of a lot of other gigs.

Here’s my theory, based on 2+ years of watching and learning. But… I have to add that’s it’s still only a theory.

When a gig hits the 5500 - 6500 sales mark, and continues to sell strong and lists high in the search the gig will be deleted. The number could be 4500-5500 I’m just writing the higher ratio of the 2 sets.

You may ask why it’s being deleted if it’s making Fiverr so much money?

Simple really. The seller has monopolized the category. Seeing 5000+ sales and low to no negative reviews gives them instant authority. Who wants to buy from a seller who;s sold 100 gigs when they can go to the Monster who sold over 5000?

The problem is that it doesn’t leave room for the newer gigs. And you figure if it’s making that much money who cares? The problem is that if sales go to the newer gigs than that seller, who is now getting sales is more likely to make another gig or 2… Or 3.

Multiply this by all the new sellers who the Monster Seller is taking gigs from. So say… 10 new sellers loosing. Take away Monster gig and you have 10 sellers selling gigs, and adding another 2-3 gigs. So, 3 gigs x 10 new sellers = 30 new sales simply from removing the Monster who is only selling 1 per customer.

Now, multiply this number by say… 500. Which is what a lot of these Monster sellers sell in a month. Some more like 1000. (Depending on the category… I’m using Social Marketing since that’s what I’ve based my numbers off of)

Anyhow. That’s my theory. If you get to good, and have to many sales you will get deleted. Because no matter your sales number, multiplying that by 10 for new giggers makes way more financial sense.

Like I said. Theory. But a studied one. I watch when gigs are removed and deleted. And this is the magic number. No matter the feedback.

We hope fiverr will provide better services day by day.

@bigbadbilly : Well , your theory makes sense .

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

I don’t think fiverr would do this. If it has done. I’m shocked.

You know. As much as I say give newbies offers to start off with their gigs.

If you really want to help them out.

Feature them!

But taking away a gig which has sold a lot just because of no reason. I’m not sure I like that…

Look, Fiverr does have an amazing customer support and if you would think about it. Not one seller would be at that level without them.

What they do behind the forum and fiverr scenes are incomparable!

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

@thecreativeguys - Well… Like I said. It’s a theory. But it’s a theory based on watching gigs for over 2 years. I’ve seen just under 2 dozen gigs, most with great reviews just vanish when they hit these numbers. Including my own. I’ve messaged 3 random sellers over this time and they had the same story as me. No reason. No negative reviews or complaints. Just deleted. Same story as mine. Same numbers as mine.

And, although I haven’t messaged other sellers who’s gigs vanished… they were deleted when at the same numbers.

Like I said. Just a theory. But if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… than it’s probably a duck.

I’ve protected myself from this. I now alternate gigs, and have a few backups.

I suspend one, activate another one. Then suspend that one and keep repeating. It sucks to have lost the gig. But I won’t make the same mistake twice. Even if my theory is wrong, better to be prepared.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Not sure if this was written based on experience, or to show something, but NOBODY SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT FIVERR SUPPORT OR THE COMMUNITY…just shared experience.

Everyone knows that Fiverr has an amazing support team, and it is not a point of argument here

Reply to @idesigners: I understand. I was saying that you didn’t get a clear answer from fiverr which doesn’t make sense. They are not like that from my experience. They are very clear cut that’s all.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Sounds terrible! Keep spamming their twitter, should reply.

Could it be more about the TYPE of gig you have and not the number of sales? Not sure what your gig was that was deleted (or did you say and I missed it), but my theory is that if you did nothing wrong, than maybe certain types of gigs lead itself to more complaints from buyers. I looked at your current gig and saw you had one for Facebook likes. Those type of gigs get their share of complaints here on the forum, so I’m wondering if the type of gig you had was reason for deletion since you say you did nothing wrong.

Heck even Facebook itself may of complained. I noticed those who have shutterstock type of accounts get deleted quickly and I’m sure shutterstock itself may of complained about it to Fiverr. So who knows. Maybe Facebook complains about gigs on Fiverr that sell Facebook likes.

Of course I’m just guessing , but as theories go, it may be as good of a reason as any.

So what type of gigs did you sale that was deleted?

@steveeyes - It is possible. I know that because I have social marketing gigs I will never make Top Rated Seller. Even though I do them properly by promoting, and not sending Bots. But… On the other hand. Why wait 2 years? My gig was no secret, it was in the top 3 gigs for over a year? Plus, why allow my my other social gigs, including another Facebook gig (That’s up now)? And… Well, like I said. The numbers. 22 gigs that I tracked for all that time all were deleted when they hit the same numbers.

Yup. It is just a theory. And I’m sure the social nature of my gig had a lot to do with it. (Yes. The others I tracked were Social gigs as well). But still. All them gigs deleted at around the exact same numbers, with no reason is fishy.

If it was because they are Likes gigs why not just say that? Why let them get so popular? And again, why not just say. You had a Likes gig?

The thing is, about my gig is that I don’t break any rules. ( I ‘Promote’ a page until it get’s the required amount of likes’ ). Yes. I promote to my own group of Likers but that’s not the point. There’s nothing in any TOS that says you can’t pay someone to promote your page.

We’ll never really know. My theory does make sense financially. (You’d have to read my original post (8 posts up) to understand what I mean by that). But. Ya. A Theory. LOL

Reply to @steveeyes: Nothing but LOGO GIG, nothing against fiverr rules or spamming or fake likes or followers or links or such stuff

There’s another similar post in which CS answer is posted.

Basicly seller has been told that Facebook complained for his gig (well, I think his kind of gig) stating it’s against Facebook TOS, so automatically it’s against Fiverr TOS too.


I’ve just found the post. Here is CS answer:

We received a complaint from a 3rd party, Facebook, and based on our Terms of Service, we could not allow for your gig to be on If you wish to have the gig back on Fiverr, please have that organization contact us directly to inform us that it no longer objects to your gig being presented on Fiverr.

@mark74 - That would be something. But, in my case there was no reason given. As I stated.

(The above answer is still pretty lame though. what are the odds of getting Facebook to contact Fiverr for any reason regarding a taken down gig. LOL)

Like I said. This was a while ago and I’ve moved well past it and simply carried on. It doesn’t really matter. I was just posting my theory on what sometimes happens.

( Original post like… 10 posts up if you haven’t read it, and feel so inclined )

Reply to @bigbadbilly: I’ve read all the discussion before posting my answer, believe me :slight_smile:

This morning I saw the other post and decided to write it down… you know, sometimes different guys on CS provide different answers :wink: