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Sold image from google, Fiverr okay with it

I paid creative_guy $5 to turn some text 3D for me. I asked for a theme and a background.

He delivered. I liked the image so much, he charged me $30 for the high res package. Upon further inspection the image he sent he was not high resolution at all (background was blurry).

When I asked him to fix this, he said he couldn’t because it was just some random image he got off of google. I contacted Fiverr support and they were completely fine with it. What a horrible experience.

MOD NOTE: Screenshot/user name Removed.


As i can see the seller told you honestly that he took the background from google and also he is giving the reason that he designs only logos not background and definitely it is out of his gig.So you should accept the delivery .Also fiverr support cleared the situation.:mask:


Firstly you should have talked everything with the seller before giving the order like he/she was expert in logo designing but you have him the task of Photoshop then how can you expect a good work from him even he is not expert in that category?

It may be allowed depending on where he got the background. He didn’t say he would design a unique background for you did he?

There are sites with free backgrounds. To have someone design a unique background for your logo would be unusual, especially for $30 along with the logo design.