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Sold more then 70+ gig but yet not gettting any LEVEL :(


HI, i have already sold more then 60+ gig but yet not gettting any LEVEL. after 30days of joining fiverr i got order then within 30days i have done 10 order very well managed and got the LEVEL 1.

Then after some months when i got more then 18 order, by mistakes i share a link with my friends via inbox, that was competitor of fiverr :frowning: i really didnt know that, i shouldnt do this… BUT after that till today i completed more then 70 order BUT not getting any LEVEL now :frowning: what should i do???


update your profile and put up a new gig. see if that works. if after you receive and complete new orders you still don’t recieve levels contact support. you need to only have above a 90% to have level 1 and 2. just update your gigs and seller profile.


Reply to @kjblynx: HI, thanks for the reply. but its almost 2months gone. i am not getting back my level. what can i do know? any idea please?


You need a better rating to rise in the levels.