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Sold my first gig . How to get more traffic and how to attract buyers

*I have recently sold my first gig and completed my first order as well.

Now how to increase the traffic on my gigs also how to attract the buyers.

Please provide all experienced fiverr,s your valuable advice.

Thank you :slight_smile: *


There are two things you are asking for , one is how to increase traffic and second how to attract buyers . Answer to the first part is promote your gigs - through social media :grinning:
Answer to second part is - make your Gigs attractive and if you can create a Gig video, that will also help you to attract buyers to your profile :grinning:
You will find many creative guidance in Fiverr forums on this topic. Good luck.


Thank You for valuable advices. :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face:

Share Your Gig on social medi like Facebook group, Twitter, linkdin etc…


Congratulation for your first sell.


Congratulations! More order will be pipeline. So stay online

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Thank you everyone !
You guys are best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Share Your Gig on social media like Facebook group, Twitter, linkdin etc…

Share your gig on Social media