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"sold on fiverr"

Hi guys! just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I did a gig a while ago and it was a custom commission, really ‘out there’ and not my usual stuff. It definatley doesn’t appeal to the majority of my buyers. Fiverr has automatically uploaded this file only onto my portfolio as a “sold on Fiverr” but doesn’t show up in the edit column when i try to remove it and I believe because it’s so different to what i usually sell (and what most people want to buy) its hurting my analytics. any experience/help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


You’re referring to, right?

Unfortunately, the only way to remove a singular image from there is…
(Hang on while I search, I know I’ve read an answer to that one…)

Found it: Buyers work shown on my gig page


that’s the one! thanks for such a quick reply :slight_smile:

The only way to remove it is to switch off completely your whole live potrillo, which of course will also remove all other Pictures of orders that you did.


ah will that be on the edit page? I’ve not got any more live portfolio contributions so that shouldn’t be a problem, a bit of a shame for the future though :frowning:

The drop-down on the far right. There’s a checkbox:


brilliant thank you! :smile:

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You can appeal to CS, but they’re way overburdened right now. You could flick that back on when you deliver an order you would particularly wish to display, and then back off once the buyer marks it complete, but that’s a lot of extra work, and not all buyers permit the display.


i understand, I bet with the lockdown everyones turning to at home freelance. I’ll leave it for now and if i have any problems in the future i might then contact CS. thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

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It’s not possible for sellers to remove what goes up in the live portfolio. You gave that option to your buyer and you can’t take it away. That would be unethical.

Also, if this was possible, sellers would use it to hide bad work they don’t want prospective buyers to see.

It won’t hurt you to have something out of left field in your portfolio.


I understand that it’s a way of ensuring quality services however I was not even aware that I had given the option here. I have all 5 star reviews however and I do believe that it was hurting my analytics as now it has been removed my stats have gone back up. I’m a very new seller so currently have only a few items in my public portfolio. It has been sorted now anyway. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

A regular client bought my poster gig once but ordered a logo. As an exception, I did it but it showed up in my live portfolio and led to some unwanted interactions with potential buyers in my inbox. With me telling them I wasn’t comfortable doing logos on fiverr and them calling me a liar and sending me screenshots of my gig page.

I contacted CS, explained the situation, told them that I went beyond what I was comfortable with to satisfy a regular but it wasn’t an accurate representation of the work that I did. They removed it from my live portfolio.


Yeah I think CS are extremely helpful! It seems that they do understand the omplexities here. I have no other live uploads and don’t want to bother them so I think I’ll wait it out for now, thanks for your response :slight_smile: