Solicitations for Help with Fiverr


Has anyone else noticed an uptick in the number of people asking them to provide work or help with selling on FIVERR. I’m all for sharing tips and best practices, but these messages are detracting from true buyers and also I’d hate to see them affect our response rate.


Report as spam - every time.
Sooner or later a Mek-sell guru will find out and spread the word.


I felt bad at first. But that’s what I’ve started doing.


If the number of messages isn’t too high, i suggest you send a paragraph “template” that has tips to everyone, if the messages are too many, then you can block them, no need to damage people, i think blocking is better than reporting them.


Sending these types of messages to sellers is a violation of the Terms of Service and a waste of the seller’s time besides.


They are spammers who can damage your response rate and, in a really bad case, make you lose your level, plus harm your business.

Blocking and reporting them is the perfect response.


I used to try to be nice to these people and direct them to the forum for help or just warn them they were violating ToS but after being called a b**** a couple of times now I just block/report and never look back.


Yes! I usually get a few every week lately. I have a quick response saved for them, advising that they don’t spam and that they check out the Fiverr Academy and forum for more info. Most say okay and leave it at that. Some insist that I help them personally…as though I have nothing better to do than spend my time giving free advice to a bunch of new sellers who refuse to read the information that’s already available. Yeah, it does get a bit annoying.


Not really. I guess it depends on the service you are offering? People only ask me to promote their gigs, but never ask for selling advice, but I do give that happily in my quick responses. I’m such a nice guy!


Nice to who?
Giving advice to people who send these messages encourages them to send messages to others. Let them come to the forum and ask what they want - nobody’s response rate or time gets wasted then.


I’ve noticed an uptick in messages that say “hi can I be your friend”, three in the past week. This morning it was “hello can be friends”.


Good point! You’re absolutely right.


Yes, I’ve gotten those too. I report them immediately.


Usually these are from a specific country. I am very annoyed as I am getting it almost daily.