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Solid advice needed :)

Anyone who is experienced and has spent time here at Fiverr their thoughts would be much appreciated. What should I be doing to get more sales?

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It’s not necessary to stay online. If I wanted to order something, I’m interested in gig images, gig description, and reviews. If I message the seller, he or she can get back to me later.

In fact, sometimes responding too soon can kill a potential order.

For example, a guy who sells a water softener messaged me about needing headlines, and provided his website. I responded in two minutes, that I like his website and was willing to work for him. He didn’t believed I had read his entire website, and decided to ignore me.

The truth is I wasn’t going to read his entire website, I didn’t need to, but if I had waited one to three hours to respond, the client would have assumed otherwise.


you are absolutely right


Thanks .For your response.If you could something it would be much appreciated:

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I’m not sure the “fabricate” bit of “I will fabricate 5 tempting socialmedia posts” is the best wording. It might sound like you’ll fake them. Maybe “socialmedia” in the title could be made into 2 words.


Kindly share your valuable suggestions :slight_smile:

I also need help. I am new in fiverr…


Share your gigs on social media properly.

Thanks :slight_smile: Much appreciated here.

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