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Solution for people ordering without contacting first [The Experiment Begins]

If you don’t like when customers order without contacting you, I came up with an idea that I think would work great.

  1. Double all of your prices (or some reasonable increase)

  2. Put a notice in red on your gig image: “Send me a message now to save 50%”

it’s also a way to test higher prices, if your orders slow down too much, put a similar banner to attract new customers.

This way, if customers order without contact first, you get paid more.


This works really, really well, but I do it slightly differently.

My gig starts at 150 spoken words for $15, but often people will message me with shorter scripts (50 and 100 words) asking if I’ll cut them a deal. Of course I will. This is why I’m priced at 150 words. It encourages people to reach out to me first.

If you charge x for y words, you might set your base to costing 2x for 2y words. When someone wants fewer, they’ll message you to ask.


Haha. It works, at least 90% But last week, a buyer chose the cheapest package worth more than that and claimed he doesn’t have more $$$ or we cancel. In such case what would you have done?

Make him the deal that I’ll give him more than he paid for. Not necessarily to the extent they want, but more than they could get anywhere else. And press to them the quality of work compared if they try cheaper, they’ll end up losing money.

Whether they would accept or not, idk. Theoretically if you go above and beyond what they pay for, CS shouldn’t allow them to cancel on you. But that’s not a garuntee.

I’ve dealt with difficult buyers, but not that kind, yet.

But you have hundreds of good reviews, so… One cancellation wouldn’t ruin your gig, right? I would be less generous at your stage in the game, than I am with only 35 reviews. obviously a ton of people value your service.

Plus, doubling the price like that is insurance against lowballers, they will go somewhere else


This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this great tip! #happysalestoyou :slightly_smiling_face:


Now that’s a good idea.

That’s good idea but again has buyers that not pay attention to gig description. And also when buyers have more complex project they think your gig price is for everything you need.

And the problem is that buyer purchase gig and says “I want my task completed within 2 days if you want to receive good review.” and that’s worst case for sellers because they use our review system and we not have solution because if we cancel order it will break our great statistics.

I have experience canceling one order because seller wasn’t online for many days and I was waiting for his response and I lost Level badge and that’s terrible.

And I hope Fiverr team will solve that soon :slight_smile:

I hope I have contributed to think from new perspective!


I took the plunge and we’ll see how it goes. In the FAQ I wrote “Tell me about the 33% Discount”

I will report back later how this works, I think it may increase the number of customers contacting me. We’ll see.

I just put myself back in the office, of course all gigs are gone from search because of all the edits anyways, so it will take a couple weeks to know the first effects.


Not a bad idea. Thanks

Yeah, I was wrong gigs came back into search a few hours later. Just got my first $100 order!!! @$&# ooooh man! Now I’ve got too much to do again and am gonna be stressed. Ok. :sweat_smile: : back to work!


Still they are some people that just dont prefer to message … but this tip is worth to give it a try , thank you.

Love it !!!
it’s a good idea for boost your sales

I hope I will never experience that

Good to know. I’ll work on that

The only real problem that I ever face is someone who wants an order within 24 hours. I would get those and have to stop everything. And being a voice artist my voice is better at certain times of the day. Inevitably that period has passed so I actually charge $25 more now for a one-day turnaround and that seems to be worth it for me. It’s just enough so that someone will think about it “well do I really need it in one day.” And I also explain that I charge more because I have to wiggle my other projects around in order to fit that into the schedule. Most people are completely fine with that. Also you can set up your gig so that the more words it is the more they have to pay.

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I love this idea. Will certainly try it today.
Thanks for sharing!! :+1:

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I think it’s a good idea to reach out to the resolution center. If you begin to cancel and the client eventually agrees, it’s been my experience that it does not hurt your stats. If you have any thought that your client is becoming and happy and you just cannot come to terms with the job, I would reach out to resolution and cancel the gig. Even if they have most of the work or all of it. It’s not worth the bad rating. If you cancel first and the client agrees again I don’t believe it hurts your statistics because it didn’t hurt mine two times .

Thanks your tips is helpful

Great idea to factor in your health and optimal performance into the Express Delivery price.

Yes I guess you just need to know your limits. At this point in my life, pressure is the last thing I want— my husband too because then everyone else has to deal with me LOL

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