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SOLUTION to bring gigs back

its been over 2 months now, all my gigs are at the end pages, page 77th to be precise on best selling page. I have tried everything to bring my gigs back, all stats are 100% and 5 ratings.
For over 3 years i was on page 1 of best selling then all of sudden it jumped to last page.
So does anyone have a solution for this please get back to me, CS dont give a crap its been over 7 days they dont reply back. They see the msg and ignore it, thats why we bloody pay 20% of our revenues just to get ignored and receive copy paste messages talking about buying online courses from LEARN, check the article about how to work on fiverr etc basically some bull crap which got nothing to do with the issue i have.


If you read the forum you’ll see it happens quite often and gigs getting rotated. That happens to everyone and even top rated and pro sellers.
There is no solution to that but only not to put all your eggs to one basket i.e fiverr.

Their algorithm is working as they planned so even if you want to have all the attention it doesn’t mean it will happen and CS will immediately run to dev team and ask them to change algorithm just because you are unhappy with it.



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it never happened to me in those 3 years, only performance should decide whether gig should go up or down.
Yes i agree with you, shouldnt reply on fiverr at all. Time to look else where as i have tried my best for 2 months to get my gigs back but no luck

YES!! now i am trying to find a solution for this!

Hey, I am also facing this issue its been now 2 months, my all gigs are at last pages. Do you find any solution to this headache?

need to know about the solution. i am facing the same problem


You will be on top, in the middle, on the bottom.

It is called rotation. It has nothing to do with how good you perform. If a buyer wants to see bestsellers, he can narrow the search results. And then there you will be.

It is not rotation. It happened to me 8 months ago and till now, all my gigs are still on the last search page.

It hurts.