Solution to increase my rating


Hello, my fellow freelancer.It is a great honor to be here, please today was a bad and crying day for my business, fiverrI opened an accountFiverr 1month ago, and I have made up to $30, there was this buyer that gave me a negative review whereby my rating automatically dropped down to 60%.

Please, what can I do to be able to increase my rating, because Fiverr said that I need at least 90% rating before I can promote my gig in BUYERS REQUEST?
Please any solution to my request or have anyone experience similar incident before?


Try writting better and/or delivering on time.


That 1 star was an automatic system review left because you were late. You should delete your account and start again.


One review is missing… presumably a deleted gig.


Yeah. maybe they thought it would reset their rating

raises eyes to heaven & sighs heavily



There’s also the fact that this is a stock photo of a teenage girl from someone who has allegedly won “best novel writer virginia union university 2014” [sic]

Despite all of this, in their proofreading gig: I am a PROFESSIONAL editor, proofreader, and copywriter, with my sound YEARS of experience in proofreading and editing of college coursework, academic & technical documents, health lists, e-books, blog posts, full books, and many more.

What an intangible mystery this all is. Who else could have experienced such disaster despite years of professional experience at such a tender age?


Hello Dear offer you buyer for more revision and satisfied him in these revision .i this way buyer may change it review …If this not work Refund you buyer by sending mutual cancellation.Then you rating will be up where it is


Please don’t advise other users to violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


I think your order is cancelled?

In this condition contact with customer support and ask to delete the review.



This is not allowed anymore. Please read the TOS before unhelping other people.


thanks for that :smile:


sorry i am new thanks for such a caring :slight_smile:


I will go with you opening another fiverr account if this is not resolved with the buyer. Competition are high here and it will take a buyer full flesh of trust to place an order on a 60% rating seller. This is annoying anyway when you can provide better services than the 100% sellers out there.


So… Is someone going to buy from a person who stole a picture of a kid and is using it as his/her/its profile picture?


Don’t forget what is almost certainly a 90% plagiarized description “improved” by the magic touch of a writter’s hand.

I would say it’s more annoying, @rosybesty, when a fraudulent seller claims to be a professional when they clearly aren’t. Fiverr is weeding them out: this is one of those weeds.


Refrain from using the word “dear” towards people you don’t know, it’s kinda creepy.
The word to many is used as a term of endearment, so coming from a stranger not so much.


Thanks you! :clap:

You took the words right out of my mouth. I also find it creepy.



Ok Dear Bro Sir…