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Solutions for not starting gig delivery counter during week end?

Dear forum members,

It has been almost a month that I joined, and I love my experience on Fiverr so far. There is one thing I was wondering : is there a way to have your gigs orders switched to custom orders only for specific periods or days of the week ?

Let me explain :

I am a mother of 2 young ones ( below 3 yo ) and working on gigs on week ends is not an option for me, yet.

The thing is, Fiverr system allows a buyer to place an order anytime they want and make the clock start ticking for the delivery. Today is Friday and a customer placed an order that had to be delivered by Sunday. I quit everything I was doing and completed the task in top priority and get it done in 1 day, instead of 3 deliverable. The customer was happy with the result and the fast turnover, however this is not how I am planning to enjoy the platform.

Is there any tip or secret I should be aware of in order to counter this situation ? What are the different solutions for me given the current capabilities of the platform ?

Thank you very much ! :hugs:


You could add a line in the description of your gigs asking people to not order at the weekend.

No guarantee that it will be read however.

You could also activate ‘Out of Office’ mode on Friday. Existing orders will still have an active countdown, but you won’t receive any new ones and your gig will be removed from search until you disable it.

In your situation, I would increase my delivery time to 4 days. I would also add a note in my description that goes something like “I typically deliver within X days, but do not work on the weekend”.


Unfortunately you can’t set up specific days on Fiverr but you can just set up deadlines in a way where you will comfortable to take days off during the weekend e.g 4 days delivery time so you can come back on Monday and complete that order on Monday.


The better way is extend the delivery time, if the currently time will close in the Sunday… you could extend adding 1 or 2 days to close in Monday, Tuesday


Hi Hikari. You’ve already got some great answers. Unfortunately there is no way to ‘protect’ the weekend - although it would be a great Fiverr feature! The best solution in my opinion is to extend your delivery time by 24 hours.

When I started on Fiverr 7 years ago, I made the “mistake” of offering a 24 hour service. I soon realised this was a bad idea as it put a lot of pressure on me. I then extended my delivery time to 48 hours which I kept for about 3 years. But about 3 years ago I decided to only offer a 72 hour service. Surprisingly I retained the same level of orders (I thought an extended delivery time would put off buyers, but it didn’t).

However, anecdotally I found the quality of buyers improved. Those who were prepared to wait 3 days for my delivery were generally chilled, easy going, much nicer people than those disorganised and abusive people who generally demanded a 24 hour delivery time. Hope my experience helps.


If not for an ongoing order that might take to weekend. Then I would suggest pausing your gigs during the weekend. But you can be contacted by your returning buyer or a user who specifically search your username can contact you but your gig won’t be visible to them until you unpause the gig later.

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Thank you for your feedback on your experience. You made a very good point and I totally agree on your vision. I am not looking to make sales no matter what it takes, the best so far that I experienced is coming from repeat customers.

As long as I can provide the people with my work, in the time I need, I am highly confident that their satisfaction will be reached.

Thank you !

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Well it seems that there is no secret formula ! Thank you all for your contribution and help, I really appreciate.

yes, it can be if the buyer will order on Friday, but anyone if order on Thursday, the delivery time will again Sunday.

Then there will be Thursday and Friday to complete the order :wink:

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