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[Solved]Account is temporarily disabled.4 messages!

good morning. I have tried many times to upload my passport and my selfie, after 4 times, my account has jammed. (photo no match …)
so. i have sent 4 messages, but somebody answers?
problem COVID ??? … i no think so


Why would you send 4 messages? It takes about a week to get a response. This is just unnecessary.


because it normally takes 12/18 hours. 3 days seems absurd to me. if you say a week I can wait in peace.

Well it’s currently a week. It took me a lot of back and forth once an agent responds to get my ID verified.

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If you keep messaging CS, you’re most likely to get flagged, and even warned, for spamming them.

Please, just wait for their reply.


Ok. good service ! to have a lot of patience. and I hope I have no problems with customers, waiting 1 month for answer?.

You’re not the only one for them to reply, there are lakhs of buyers or sellers they need to handle on support and it may take some time, you need to be patient here.
I was having some issues with one of my order which I raised ticket 10 days before, last I got response from them on friday i.e. 12th June and then till today I didnt get any reply, I asked for an update today and then they replied that these kind of things (order related) may take some time and it can’t be speed up and you need to be patient here. So, I think that’s fine.
And moreover there is no point of adding 4 different tickets on support, this is simply bugging them, you can follow up on single thread and they will reply.
In my case, I lost my money due to buyer unnecessarily cancelled job after completion and am at their disposal now.

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I understand. but remember that you pay 20% commissions. not 2/3% …
at these prices, I expect fast service.

You expect?

Then go somewhere else or do your own thing.

exactly like that. i think take out money and close account .

Hi, I had problems with my ID verification and my account was closed for about a week or 2 (not too sure of the exact length, but it was a long time). I kept messaging back and forth. Eventually I managed to get it correct. Read the instructions on how to load your documents very carefully, as they need extra clear copies of these documents and they need to be absolutely perfect. Hard to do!

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I don’t think you got any patience. Sending 4 messages within 3 days period is childish and stupid.

You even got a message, that because of Covid, response time is slower than usual. You probably didn’t care about that and ignored that message too.

There are no statistics of how many messages CS gets per day, but believe me, they get thousands upon thousands per day and you are not the only one who messages them.

So wait patiently and DO NOT send them another message, I guarantee you would be warned after that.

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Opening 4 different tickets about the same thing is just spam. You could have asked for an update in your existing ticket.

Also, opening 4 different tickets about the same thing slows things down (for everyone, not just for you).