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[SOLVED BY CS] Edited gig 15 days ago and still it haven't appeared in the search

Hi guys

I edited my gig almost 15 days ago and I thought after 24-48 hours it will reappear in the search. At first I waited for 7 days but it wasn’t present in any relevant keyword tag. I contacted the CS but only got an auto reply. After that my ticket was closed saying that your issue has been resolved without any human reply. Now I again opened another ticket and haven’t got any human reply yet.

Kindly help me what to do now as it was my only best selling gig and I am really worried.

Thank you!


Have you conducted any filtered searches, instead of just looking at the standard main pages of results? Please keep in mind too, other Fiverr users aren’t going to see the same search results that you see. If you don’t see your gigs somewhere, that doesn’t mean other users see the same thing.


Yes I did all kind of filtered searches and I am aware of it. But my gig impressions also decreased from 2k to almost 0 and I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

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If you owned a store, on a street somewhere, and one week, you noticed fewer and fewer people coming into your store, what would you do? Apply that same concept to your gigs.


I agree but isn’t it rude that CS is also not responding to my queries and later they stated the issue as “resolved” without giving any proper reply.

Just go to this link to check the status of your gig.

Sometimes after editing the gig, it can stay under review indefinitely. If it shows that your gig is under review contact CS with the screenshot of that page. However, if your gig status is ACTIVE then try using incognito mode to see that in which page your gig is appearing in the search result.


Yes its showing under review and I contacted the CS twice but they haven’t responded even once.

I also faced this problem.After contacting CS they solved this.
Sometimes it takes Time.wait 4-5 days then contact again in CS.
they will Help you.

Sure. Thank you.
I’ll contact them again

Go to and then check if the gig is active. If it’s active, it’s already in Search and people see it.

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Its active but under review from support side

Then go to support and they will help you

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I’m waiting for their response.

There is nothing rude about Fiverr not providing the answers you want. If Fiverr marked a ticket as resolved, than that is a clear indication that they have nothing further to provide in an answer.

Then, please be patient and wait for whatever review CS needs to provide. Fiverr is busy and understaffed during this pandemic. It could take up to 10 days to receive a resolution to the issue. Please be patient.

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Edit your GIGS SEOs , add some keyword in title, change the tags and it may be back :slight_smile:

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So an auto-generated reply is their way of solving problems now??
If they can’t resolve the issues with a proper guidance then I don’t trust the CS or the Fiverr system. Its 3rd time and I haven’t got any human response and u are telling me that they resolved the issue with an auto reply, lol…

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Sure, Thanks, I will…

But they marked the ticket as resolved after 5 days and I got only an auto-generated reply.

They felt that YOUR issue was best resolved in that way, yes.

You are not entitled to the kind of response you demand. If Fiverr closed a ticket, that means that the issue is as resolved as it it going to be, and they have nothing further to provide for that issue.

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