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Solved- Byer leave a misleading feedback

Few weeks ago one of my client asked me to rewrite his assignment. ( He copied it from his friend) I rewrite it and submit the work. He never contacted me or request for a revision. After 3 weeks he contacted me and asked to do that whole work again. I agreed and completed the work. But now he leave a totally misleading feedback. I didn’t copied. I just rewrite that document.( I compared it through copyscape and result was 13% matched.)
Now I contacted the customer support. Will they remove that feedback?

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@jonbaas @misscrystal @Woofy31 @eoinfinnegan help me please

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I think whenever you detect that a buyer is doing such things,it’s a big red flag and you should just try to cancel the order instead of earning a bad review.

Because in the end, a bad review is more damaging than a canceled order.

In this case, I think you should contact customer support to arrange a refund if it wasn’t a large order so that review could go away and be careful next time.

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I can’t help, sorry. Buyer’s can say anything they want in a review.


There must be some shady things behind your story. What made you agree to re-do the work after 3 weeks?

Meaning it was a school assignment?

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He said that he wasn’t satisfied with work. But it made me surprised. Because he asked that after 3 weeks. I uploaded the copyscape report to customer support.

Yes. It was school or university assignment.

Fiverr is doing away with such gigs

Doing other people’s homework is no longer allowed on Fiverr. Sellers had their gigs removed if CS just suspected that they offered to do homework.


I didn’t do others homeworks. He booked my ghostwrite gig and upload all the documents. That’s what happened.

He booked your ghostwriting gig, but he wanted you to do his school assignment (well, to rewrite what someone else wrote, so that he wouldn’t get caught as a cheater).

You could get in trouble for accepting to do someone’s school assignment.

Did I violate fiverr TOS? I don’t think so.

How will she know it’s a school assignment??
An assignment doesn’t mean it’s a school assignment… That has nothing to do with the review.

she said that it was a school assignment… even said it was copied.

Edit: I just looked at the review they left.The glaring hypocrisy and irony on their part is amazing…

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All I’m saying is, Fiverr has been removing gigs that promise to do homework, school assignments, essays, and other stuff that students should be doing by themselves. They were even removing gigs they thought might have something to do with homework (for example, editing gigs, so some sellers added in the gig description that they don’t do homework). Some sellers with that kind of gigs received warnings, too, if I remember correctly.

The reason I’m mentioning all this is that OP contacted CS, and she might get in trouble if a CS representative thinks that she did someone’s school assignment.


As someone who wants my kids’ doctors to have actually earned their qualifications, I strongly disliked it when people did homework/assignments for students even before it became against Fiverr rules.
Besides, if someone thinks it is ok to cheat on getting their degree, chances are they will have no problem cheating some random person they hire on the internet so probably not a good audience to target.
CS won’t remove the feedback but hopefully they will remove the gig.


you should have contacted the CS before he dropped that review?

Aside from all ethical aspects mentioned before, if somebody asks you to do a shady thing for him, it is absolutely not uncommon that he/she will do something shady to person he/she hired to do it.