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[Solved]Can't add two extra gigs

Anyone getting this odd error message? It saves the changes if I only use one gig extra. However, I’m getting this if I try to add two or more gig extras. As you can see, I’m not using duplicate titles, both have different titles.

I’m currently talking to customer support and they ask me to clear my cache and browser history which I did before asking them for assistance. Used different browser, incognito and normal tab too but I still encounter this bug.

Just wondering if any of you experienced this?

Ok, after playing around. I was able to fix the issue.

For the sake of those having the same issue here’s the fix:

You need to use different titles for each gig extras you activated before saving.
Make sure it is different from the previous title.

I think it should be indicated through a tool tip or some kind of warning that you need to use a different title before you can save the changes to avoid this from happening.

Hope it helps!

All my gigs were paused on their own - and their extras disabled.
I activated my gigs, but still can’t save/enable my gigs extras in any of my gigs. And yes they have different titles.