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(SOLVED) Does anyone know how to accuratley display a price with custom offers?

I am trying to create a custom offer to a seller - I type in $205 which was our agreed price - I submit the offer to the buyer and it jumps to $301! Even when I put only the price in without ANY extras on my gig the price still increases to this amount.

We both live in the same country so this couldn’t be a conversion rate issue.

Very embarrassing becasue I don’t know why the price is jumping up so much! It is very frustrating that the price I put in doesn’t include the fees, and there is no indication of what the final price will actually come to when I am creating an offer. Any help would be great.

Strange! Your default currency is USD right? and confirm if the buyer also have USD.

I am using AUD - the buyer should also be using AUD as they are an Australian company.

I looked it up with the exchange rate and it still doesn’t match up with how much the price is increasing.

Any help on this would be great!

I have already made a fool out of myself sending and withdrawing offers becasue they are incorrect. So frustrating!!

I think that’s the problem, Fiverr deals with USD as a standard currency ignoring what you are using. I would suggest you to make your default currency to USD (Both of you) for accurate pricing.

Ping: @philliphome

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You are sending the offer of $205 (USD) and your client sees it as $301 (AUS).

Lit bit changes in the exchange rates but see how close they are…

I am just guessing this is the issue…cause the figures are too close.


I think you can’t send offers in anything other than USD, even though you can display prices in gig pages and the buyer requests page in the currency you select.

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Ya but when the client is paying the money…he sees $205(USD) on fiverr but…his Payment site (PayPal for an example) will be showing him $301(Aus). Maybe that’s the reason. You know clients are not that experienced with the processes.

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As it turns out - neither am I! That was my issue, thank you so much for your help!

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