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[SOLVED] I got charged $360 by Fiverr

I Finished a $1,800 job and once it was done I earned $1,440. What happened? I can’t seem to find any charge for completing a Job anywhere.

Please help


Did you even read the Terms of Service (ToS). ALL Fiverr users are required to read the ToS while creating their Fiverr account. The ToS clearly states that Fiverr accredits the seller’s account with only 80% of the gig amount. Fiverr takes the rest.

:arrow_down: Taken directly from the ToS:

  • Each order you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.

FYI: Fiverr also takes 20% from any tips you receive. Don’t be surprised if/when that happens to you in the future.

Good luck! :sunny:


As @hanshuber16 says, they take 20% if you do the math 20% of 1800 = 360

Ok Thanks, just wanted clarification cause I didn’t see that in the TOS

Yup… Hanshuber16 is correct. Fiverr takes 20%. $1,800 - $360.00 (20%) = $1,440.00

Anyway, congratulations!

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