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[Solved] Is that true that gig will be disappear from search if you have more work?



I was rank at first page for my gig Infographic before week but from last Friday my gig was not ranked in 2-5 pages. I have more than 11 orders is that reason that if you have more orders than your gig will be disappear from search result?

Please share your suggestion

Note: I set vacation mode from yesterday

Ethical Designer


if you have limited the Order Queue amount for the particular gig, once your order Queue reached that limit then your gig will be invisible. other wise your gig should be available all the time.


From where I can check order queue amount? Please guide me with that.



Under the Selling Click on Gigs and you can see all ur gigs and just click on the particular gig and under that you can see the order queue limitation option.


Thanks for your help!! I didn’t go through with that option.