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Solved, please close

Hello, seeking some unusual advice. I offer both gaming logos and gaming coaching on Fiverr. Whilst working on a gaming logo, a bit of a discussion was sparked regarding playing a few games of a game I coach (minus the coaching). I know we cannot share contact info - is this still against the rules to share a Blizzard/Steam ID? I figure it would be, but it’s something I’ve not encountered before!!

Solved - not sure if a mod wants to come and close for me


You should not share any contacts over fiverr. It will be fiverr warning

Awesome, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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Most Welcome. have a nice day

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In your case I would’ve reach out to support team and ask them.
They are heavily promoting gaming sector in fiverr and if you need Steam ID to complete the order they might allow you to do so.


As said, it’s not to complete any order it’s just to play some games with a potential friend here. It’s no biggie :slight_smile: