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SOLVED-Top rated seller since 2013, gig wont show on the list

I am a top rated seller for translations since 2013.
Lately I am receiving less orders, so I tried to search my gig with a different computer, and I cant seem to find it in any way.
Is there a reason? Can anyone help?
Already contacted customer support

SOLVED **They didnt reply but it seems it was just waiting for the approval process after editing the gig

I am sorry to hear this. Note that fiverr search results are not static and they change all the time, and every user sees search differently.

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This is just the best reply, I will advise you to continue editing your gig

Wow, you have been pretty much on top of search results since I began here 2 years ago!
I have searched for your gig using your gig title (which is how CS judge if a gig is in search or not) and cannot see you. Similarly, using the English to Spanish and TRS only filters, your gig does not show up.
I cannot see anything missing from your gig that would cause that. The only thing that I can think of is that you may have edited the gig and it is not in search as it has to be reviewed. If not then it sounds like a tech problem that CS should fix for you easily enough.


I added 2 new images, but decided to remove them and keep the gig as it was.
I already contacted CS, waiting or a reply
Thanks for the help guys

Even just clicking the “edit” button without changing anything counts as an edit and then has to go for review which can take anything from a few to 48 hours during which time it is out of search.

I see, wont click that silly button again unless it is 100% needed


I can see my gig now, so it was the edit I think.

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Yep, I see it there too.