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[SOLVED] Using buyer's projects in portfolio

Hello Everyone,

I had a couple of questions regarding using buyer’s projects in our portfolio.

  1. What role has the “commercial use” add-on in this? If the buyer does not purchase it, does it gives me the right to use the work however I want?
  2. Can I use the work if I remove personal information of the buyers from my work?
  3. Do I have to ask permission of every buyer if I want to use the work in my portfolio?

These questions are not for the live portfolio as buyers can decide that on their own while rating but for portfolio option that TRS get. I do not want to use my work done outside Fiverr as I do not have the permission for those, same way I cannot use the work I’ve been doing with my major clients here on Fiverr but I do not know about the work done for significant clients. Asking permission from old buyers will be a lot of work for me and might be troublesome for them too.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Thank you

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Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that the work belongs to your buyer after they pay for it. Without commercial license, they can’t use it for commercial purposes, but I doubt that you can just use it however you want. It’s theirs to use, not yours.

It would be unethical to use it without their permission, even if you remove personal information. Also, you’re supposed to keep everything confidential, otherwise you’d violate the ToS.

Ask Customer Support for help. Also, ask yourself: if your buyers knew that you’d use the work you do for them for your portfolio whether they allow it or not, would they still want to buy from you?


Asking permission from old buyers will be a lot of work for me and might be troublesome for them too.

You could ask for permission from current/new clients (ones you currently have orders with or for future orders), and only add it to your portfolio if they agree.


Thanks for the thorough response.

Yes, waiting for their response.

Those who purchase for personal use don’t have any problem as they don’t have any problem displaying the work in the live portfolio, occasionally they do want me to remove their personal details from it so I thought that would be a way to go. The only ones who do not want it displayed are studios outsourcing the work which I completely understand.

Yes, will do that and I’ve also asked CS if I can use the work already displayed in the live portfolio and profile.

Thanks again for responding.