[SOLVED] WAS NOT SPAM - Getting Same Message from Different Users!



Hi All,

Since last day i am getting EXACTLY SAME Spam Message from different fiverr users. Now the interesting thing is all are sending same message but with their GIG Text at the end and a hyperlink to Fiverr Shortened LINK. I've got 6 messages so far.

All of six messages have same text as:

Hey [my username], I saw your suggestion and thought you might be interested in my Gig: [Their GIG TEXT]

Now the interesting thing is their GIG links are fiverr.com/1232456 in this format.
I have contacted support and explained them. And all i got a message is that "That is just a shortening of a link. I clicked it and it's a legitimate Gig page link"

My Questions are:
1: Does Fiverr have LINK Shortening Service which i am unaware of?
2: How come different users sending same message and spamming other users.

I have checked that the users who sent me SPAM message have GIGs, and they got reviews also. It means they are legitimate Users.



I got reply from MAX which is very senior i guess.

And i copy LINK location of URL in message and open in other computer where i do not use fiverr. Surprisingly all links are really LINK SHORTENING and they are landed to their GIGs.

I have asked MAX to reply how they are using shortening service and waiting for reply.


So far the COUNT is 7

I got 7 Same SPAM message from 7 Different users.

It is really STRANGE!!!


Yeah i am updating MAX with all happening.

P.S: I got another one just now. oO


OMG. I just figured it OUT. I am feeling that i am DUMB.

I am getting the Messages because i REQUEST A GIG.

So Users who are APPLYING for BUYER REQUESTS, i am getting these LINKS.

Actually this was my FIRST TIME requested a GIG. So it was confusing for me. There was no SIGN to me why i am getting those messages and BODY fo that message is also not clear.

Sorry for my confusion.

But i am surprised why Customer Support Does not Understand this and reply me properly.


@wingle that is how a message looks when you a seller sends a proposal. No clue if it shows a shortened link or not. I usually try to follow up with a personalized message just so the buyer knows I am serious and its not a spam.

I was thinking that my extra messages would be annoying.


Reply to @pculiar: Yes i got it now.

But instead of generic message of: Hey wingle, I saw your suggestion and thought you might be interested in my Gig: [Their GIG TEXT]

It should be like this:

Hey wingle, I saw your Gig Request and thought you might be interested in my Gig: [Their GIG TEXT]

Then it would be UNDERSTANDABLE.

It was confusing. Anyways i Learned it NOW :slight_smile: