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Some Advice From Other Sellers

I sell Building wordpress sites ,Over the past few weeks I have had 4 orders that start off well a conversation about what they want doing etc.
Then when they place the order they type rubbish in the requirements section so the order starts.
Then over the next 3 days they do and say anything to not give me the details for the login for wordpress.
The last few orders I as a seller cancelled the last 3 orders I have kept open and send reminders for the information ,and every time I get back yeah yeah I will send tomorrow.and of course it never happens .I now have a order late by 17 days .
Which of course I’m not losing any Money but losing my rating which has been on the border of going to level 1 for two month’'s.

I’m sure I can’t win If I cancel theses order’s or if they are late I get penalized.
This problem would be solved if Fiverr added a option for me as a seller to agree that I had everything to start the Gig.

As it stands my account is well above the requirements to reach level one ,except for order completion is 85%.

Any advice would be appreciated as Fiverr is my only form of income since losing my job last year.

Thank you for your time



If you deliver as a txt file, that is not actually delivering anything. Use the Resolution Center, and state that buyer did not provide enough details. That is the correct way to solve it. Then the buyer has to respond within a set time to your request for more information.

If the buyer does not provide you with the needed info, and refuses to do so upon your request, I would think it is better to cancel the order, rather than receive a late order - not only because a single cancellation is better than a late order, but also because a late order can be cancelled by the buyer anyway, and then they might leave a negative review on top of that.

  1. Use the resolution center to state that you haven’t received the required info.

  2. If that does not work, cancel the order.

  3. If the buyer refuses to cancel the order, contact Customer Support to solve the issue.

That is how I would solve the issue. Maybe someone has a better way of dealing with this, but at least, personally, I found this approach to work well.

Anyway, this is a rare occurance for me. You might need to consider how you ask for that information in the first place, and if your order requirements are working as intended. For example, I inform my buyers in a very clear way that free revisions won’t be given due to script changes after the order has been placed. By doing that, I “force” the buyer to look over their script one last time before placing the order. This is not fullproof by any means, but it does avoid some issues.

You should consider making your requirements even more clear to the buyer if needed, for example by writing something like this:

If you do not provide me with a login URL, username, and password, with ADMIN ACCESS, in this field, I will not be able to solve your problems, and this order will be cancelled. I appreciate your cooperation. Thanks!"

That’s called “an empty delivery”, and it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

That can lead to an account warning (or a permanent ban, if done a few times).