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Some advice needed, please

Hi there guys,

So, this happened twice to me already, but, a client messaged me after I delivered some subtitles saying that he couldn’t open the files and if I knew how he could do it; so, I recommended the VLC player, sent the subtitles again in various formats and a screenshot of the subtitles in the video.

This is a rare situation and In both cases where this happened, I felt that the client didn’t understand much about subtitling; so, I’m looking into ways to burn the subtitles in the video for when this happens.

Neither of then left reviews, what to do when a client marks the job as completed but doesn’t leave a review? is no review worse than a negative review?


Sometimes it’s great if you can send the client a video from youtube.I mean a tutorial… so he can follow it.Normally I do that for these type of clients.

No don’t worry…there are so many clients who just only mark the order as complete.Today one of my clients just marked the order as complete…I missed the review… He was very happy with my work…Then I asked why from CS… they said “At this time you can only leave feedback using a PC or a MAC” Maybe he was using his mobile to review.

It’s a bad luck when we expect a review… I think they will work on that…


Ok, Nice idea, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great. No wonder most clients don’t leave a review because they are on mobile. Thanks for that update

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That’s awesome, actually, until they fix the 4.3/4.7 bug. And the 0 stars bug, too.

No. No review is always better than any review that’s less than 5 stars.

How about offering it as a paid extra? Some of the buyers who don’t understand much about subtitling might be happy to pay extra if you take care of it.


Good idea,

Thank you!


I have been meaning to polish my gigs for some time now, but I am so busy with an ongoing transcription project…

I hate it, but the pay is good and the client is counting on me so…


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