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Some advice please - 13 mins is totally reasonable right?


Hi I need to know whether I’m totally missing something here or whether I just ended up with someone totally unreasonable and rude. I’m the sort of person to ponder over this sort of thing for days on end, I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am so I thought I would ask what others thought of this.

It’s important to note customers first message came in at 13.38pm. my first response was at 13.43pm By 13.56 just 13 minutes later customer erupts and becomes totally unreasonable as per screenshots.

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Okay here are the amended screenshots. All of this because I tool 13 mins to reply to her message. Seriously considering knocking fiverr on the head I’ve made several thousand in a few months but with people like this on the increase I have to ask if it’s worth my time. Why do people think they can talk to fiverr workers like crap?


Just a regular ahole.


I think that if people like that will make you consider giving up Fiverr then you need to be aware that there are idiots everywhere. Learn to just ignore/sideline them as soon as they show their idiocy and then move on to the other clients.


You’ve made several thousand dollars on this wonderful platform and you would give it up because of someone like that? These people would rejoice if they had the power in doing that to a seller.

Tip: You are not entitled to reply to a buyer who is unreasonable. However, you should always remain calm and professional throughout.


@vencero1 The fault is obviously all yours. How dare you step away from the message thread for 13 minutes? Did you not realise the enormity and time-sensitivity of his request? Sellers like you should be ashamed.

No, but seriously, just ignore him. He clearly has some entitlement and esteem issues.


I would not have replied to his rude messages and would have been glad he didn’t place an order.


If someone sends a message like that before even placing an order consider what it would be like once they placed an order. the best thing to do with someone like that is send them a polite message telling them you cannot help them


@vencero1 Don’t let this one buyer discourage you! Like you said you have made thousands in a few months! That should be worth while! We have all had out fair share of mean buyers. I just got a one star rating from someone who loved my work! They just wanted to get back at me because I refused to give them free additions because I “took too long” when I finished the order 2 days early…

Anyways, don’t think twice about it. Stay calm and collected when this happens next time or simply do not reply if they talk to you this way. Hope this helps!


I would have not engaged him as long as you did. When I get those, I just say ok then, good luck. The best way to frustrate someone who wants to argue is to ignore them. Reporting to CS is ok as well, but silence is golden.