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Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey guys,

I have just uploaded my 4th gig, I would be absolutely delighted if anyone could quickly check it out and maybe provide me with some tips on how I could improve the gig itself. I am a new seller, joined about 5 days ago and hoping for my first sale. Although I did get an interest, someone messaged me saying he would want a logo until a few hours later he decided to change his mind!




Hi there,

just a quick comment.

Consider the number of revisions in your gigs.

Unlimited revisions in some of your packages open the space for loooong stories and also would likely mean to open another repeating topic about unlimited revisions here in forum.

My recommendation is to avoid it at very beginning.


Thx, overall how do you think my gig is, do you think its attractive enough to secure my first sale? Thanks

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Well, nothing is secured.

You will get the only proper feedback from buyer so you probably need to be patient.

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based on your opinion? Say you were a buyer and you saw my gig, what would your reaction be :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I would not choose your gig.
Maybe look around, check similar gigs in your category. You may find something interesting.

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Thanks for the honest opinion

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I wouldn’t buy your gig, but for a slightly different reason. I think you’ve stolen someone’s identity.

Untitled design

The image in your profile is Rohan Browne, an Australian actor and singer. I didn’t know that, I’d never heard of him. But your profile image looks like a professional headshot, and a quick Google image search in Chrome confirmed it. According to his socials, he’s a busy man working in theatre. His English is also really good, while the English on these Fiverr gigs is not so good.

So, either Rohan has stumbled onto hard times as a stage actor and decided that designing logos on Fiverr is his only way out of the financial hole he’s in…

Or you’re not being honest about who you are. Which, if that were the case, would be a HUGE red flag for me, and I would immediately disregard you as a seller. If you’re not being honest about who you are, how could I trust you with my business?

Just something to think about…


@cubittaudio you must be a great researcher lol,you’ve said it all.

The last day-job I had before all this was for a cyber security company, so I got pretty good at spotting the signs of someone who was being, shall we say, less than honest?

But honestly, this took me less than 10 seconds. I right-clicked on the image and chose ‘Google Image Search’. If I can do that in under 10 seconds, so can potential buyers. The second you have to pretend to be someone else, you’ve lost all potential trust.


@rohan_r2212 according to @cubittaudio what do you have to say on that bro?

Great job bro, waiting for his own side of the story.

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He got me red handed!


It’s good that you’ve been honest about that.

Now, maybe apply that same honesty to your profile? Buyers buy from real people, not people pretending to be someone else. Be honest about who you are, where you come from etc. Because in general, people don’t care about stuff like that - they care about whether you provide high quality work, and whether they feel they can trust you with their money. Being honest is the first step towards building that trust.

Good luck with the rest of your Fiverr journey.


Thanks for being honest bro, you’ve really need to be yourself, don’t pretend you’re someone else and head over to your profile image change that to your own image or rather use your use the image that represent what you do, that’s really gonna help bro.


Thank you so much for the advice and making me see reality!


Thanks a lot bro :)!

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Thanks, how did yours get accepted, it’s taking mine down every time I put a picture of a logo or logo designing?

Wishing you the best in your fiver journey!

All the best bro :heart:

Thanks man, you too. Quick question, how did your logo get accepted, everytime I put up a picture of logo’s or logo designing, it gets taken down?