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Some advices plz

hi everyone today this is my first day on fiverr as a services seller
can you give me advices

never feed chocolate to a hamster


Or dogs for that matter…

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and don’t leave sloths in hot cars <.<

and curtainly don’t leave said car in hot chocolate

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Don’t leave chocolate inside sloths (or dogs, or hamsters) inside hot cars…

Yes, silly answers. Because, your Q was silly from being too broad. There is a lot of info around on doing the Fiverr thing. Lots of into everywhere on doin’ da bidness on da innnernet. Yes some may seem a bit vague (or self-evident) but it is there.

Conversely there is no formalized inside-track on getting rick* of Fiverr or any other business. No one is holding that out on you until you ask.


What exactly would you like to know how to do - and please be specific incl links (the few that are allowed) & examples so answers can be a little less about melted chocolate

Mmmm melted chocolate

*Rick is very annoying, we all want him gone. Or her, we’re not sexist. Just don’t like Rick.

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Don’t lose patience, you will win.

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My best advice: look through the forums, search for specific questions, READ PEOPLE’S ANSWERS in the comments. There is a gold mine of advice posted all over this forum. You just have to look :slight_smile:

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I suggest you to keep active in this forum and always read articles. At the same time you should promote your gigs on every social media platform. It will increase your views and impressions.

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