Some arrogant Sellers target new forum members and flag their posts for no reason


Mod Note: Image Removed - It is against forum rules to post screenshots of private messages (PMs).

Not gonna say much in this… pictures are worth a thousand words.

Just sharing my feedback of bad experience I had in the forum

I have no intention to disrespect any seller… nor have done it to anyone personally in my life.

I urge all to be professional and stop bullying new forum members and force moderators to close down their posts

That’s the real act of offence, unprofessional-ism and Fiverr should take action against such sellers who are trying to curb any of the new seller’s freedom of expression

btw, I am amazed as to how easy it is for anyone to just group flag a certain post by randomly talking irrelevant things on a particular post… and moderators just close down a post based on the numbers of flags rather than investigating about the reason why the comments were flagged… or whether they violated any rules or not.

thank you, Fiverr.


Nobody can force a moderator to do anything. Moderators check every flag, and false flags are not allowed (they count against the member who flags, not against the member who is flagged).

Have you considered the possibility that some forum members really find some of your posts offensive, and that you should be more careful about how you express your ideas?


Ummm not to disturb you more but actual reason wasn’t that. It was archived because it went too far from the original topic.
Neways, carry on.

Edited: Just to complete your screenshot. This is missing there :arrow_up:


If multiple users are flagging your post, it means there is something wrong with your comments.
Next time try to be on topic and respect other forum members.


This ^^^^^^ is the answer. No one has chosen you to bully. We are a friendly group here.
You are very welcome here and we all want you to participate.


I shared what I felt. that’s it.

and I am well aware who are those few members who regularly find my posts “offensive” no matter what I post or comment. I’ve been observing this since few of my postings. As if they wait for the opportunity to find a new post of mine…

that’s called “harrassment”

You can see who those members are in the shared pic


and you were the one who actually commented that my earlier post was offensive on multiple levels???

Oh, I get your friendliness

edit: there you go:


No one tried to harass you. We welcome you. Some things you said were offensive.
Any type of mention of gender differences will trigger some offense in a workplace, as will what amounts to a slur on a religious figure or using their name in vain.

I’m simply informing you of what happened so please don’t take this as an argument, but rather in the spirit it is offered which is to explain and help. Please realize what actually happened. It is not at you personally.


Please read my Mod note in your post regarding PMs.

No matter how many forum users flag a post, it is reviewed manually by Moderators. Every.Single.Time.
We see every flag, who flagged it, who the OP was, we examine the context and even discuss it with other Mods if necessary before making a decision on it.
It may just be that you were wrong. As you mentioned in the previous post, you are new to the forum. I suspect you have not read the rules enough to be completely familiar with them - this takes time and as you see what is allowed and isn’t it gets a lot easier. The most important thing to do as a new poster is to be conscious of other people.

I know the whole world says that this should always be ok to do but actually it isn’t. You are responsible for anything you say here and people will react to things you say, whether you like it or not, whether you genuinely believe it or whether you are being sarcastic.
With this in mind I urge you to consider other people before posting. This will lead to less flags and better relationships with other users. I am happy to discuss this further with you in PM if you like.
EDIT:[quote=“manish30885, post:1, topic:148750”]
Fiverr should take action against such sellers who are trying to curb any of the new seller’s freedom of expression

This is a business’s forum, not an independent country where Freedom of Expression is permitted without question. The forum is governed by Fiverr’s rules about what is and isn’t allowed, not any perceived freedoms which you have elsewhere.


Sure, I am welcome to the forum and express my opinions. Be good with me and I am the most friendly and affectionate person you can have professional rapport with.

But if someone behaves like a bully to me, I will strike back in full force and WITH PROOFS, NO EMPTY CLAIMS

and thanks @eoinfinnegan , I appreciate your comment. Yes, I am new so I will surely think twice before making a post. Though I stand on my opinion that I never insulted or talked offensive to any member here.

No, I don’t want to bother you personally Mr. moderator. I’ll just be less active in the forums from now on … :expressionless:


Wait, how come you included me as well? I actually responded to your topic on a friendly tone and was on-topic trying to help :frowning:

I’ve never harassed you in any way, and I barely even know you for that matter, so it’s against my principles to say something about someone I don’t know.

I also never said your posts are offensive, because I don’t know what previous posts or comments other people were talking about.


This has been the cause of your problems. When people flag you (which anyone is entitled to do), when they disagree with you (which anyone is entitled to do), you take it as an insult or bullying and as you say - “strike back in full force”. You don’t leave space for misunderstandings or the possibility that you may be wrong about something.
Be slower to react - I can honestly say that those who responded to you are not the types who are looking for arguments or fights so it may be worth looking at your own comments in the context of what they have said.


Sorry if the image depicts your message. I needed to share it quickly as it happened so didn’t have time to remove it out. I am not saying you were harassing or such.

I am referring to some “female” sellers. Thanks.


This thread should be in the ranting Pot.

Following is humor, to lighten the current air in this thread:

Retired Meme :crown: King


When you also continue to make comments that appear to be sweeping statements and involve gender, you are alienating many users who have no other issue with you.

Perhaps you should PM @eoinfinnegan as you were invited to do. Its seems that you are missing a lot of points here.


Why the quotation marks? Are you saying that someone in that screenshot is lying about being a woman?


This is a very friendly forum most of the time. Just be aware of what others find offensive.

Gender comments and religious figures are things to be avoided.


With due respect, I can’t tolerate anyone trying to make me feel guilty of the mistakes that I never did in the first place.

I am a sensitive person as well but not as judgmental as some of them who claim to have an elephant like mind to remember what I said in another post two days ago… and they were kind enough to remember posting about that comment in my another post today about different topic!
what you call this??

enough said.

I have taken a decision. I won’t be active much around here… if that’s what helps protect some of those member’s interests.



One must understand, when words are WRITTEN and not spoken, there are multitude of opportunities for misunderstandings.

You have not established a character definition on this forum yet, hence, all your expressions will be taken negatively, naturally.

If you understand what I have just said, you should completely understand your situation.

:peace: :v:


I apologize for the comment that offended you. It wasn’t necessary for me to say that so I hope you can forgive me. In the same spirit I hope you will see what I wrote and understand. It’s really not against you personally.