Some assistance with getting buyers


Good day I am new to Fiverr and I have published three gigs since recently. I am offering services in translating from Spanish to English and vice versa as well as translation for Jamaican Creole to English and vice versa and the last one is relationship advice ( or advice on other issues) as well as friendship. But I haven’t gotten any buyers as yet. I am wondering if it is because of how I worded my gigs. Can someone assist me please.


Are you reaching out to your target customers and telling them what you do? Sales do not just fall out of the sky. You need to market and promote your gigs to EARN them. Yes, this is hard work. But success always requires consistent hard work. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. :wink:


That’s true, in that case I will revisit my gigs and amend them in such a
way that I appeal to my target market. I will also visit other sellers gigs
to see how they have captured their market. Thank you


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


That’s a good point but don’t copy! Just a polite warning!


Ok, thank you. I will remember that