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Some audio tips


Hey guys,

It seems my audio editing is a bit rushy when it comes to voiceover due to removing breathe for character vo. Besides, might get a scratchy end result once in a blue moon. And advice on improvement is greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


Don’t know what you’re asking?
What’s the problem with the audio? or is it the audio editing that’s the problem?


Are you selling or buying audio that you are trying to edit? Your profile doesn’t show any gigs for this and the profile description is confusing.


Audio editing in general more tips, some tutorial. I still feel like a bit of a noob with that part.


I would be selling my services. Just want to make sure I get great quality for next time.


If you plan to sell in that area, the forum probably isn’t an ideal place to ask for assistance. The people who would best know how to improve the audio quality would be your competition. Usually, you want to polish your skills quite a bit (on your own) before you start selling a service on Fiverr. Good luck!


Understandable. Totally, need to get these skills nice and sharp. I think I got an idea of how do it just popped in my head. I assume youtube might have some tutorial skills. Otherwise, I use a voiceover coach with my training to keep my vo skills sharp. Thanks for the advice.


Although I agree, you really should know this stuff before you start selling professionally, I also understand everybody has to start somewhere.

I recommend to my voiceover students to check out Mike Russell Channel on YouTube. He has great info for beginners on using Audition. (Which really is the only serious voiceover DAW)


Its what my parents taught me, to know your stuff first. I shall definitely look into it. thanks


If you’re a noob, then get to the point where you are not.
If you sell your services on here, or anywhere else, and they are subpar…you’ll know.
Get some training, take some classes online or IRL, but "know’ before you “do”, or you’ll end up posting stuff like “I just got a -1.5-star review and I don’t know why”, but you’ll know why.
Learn, then earn and as @liquidlettuce stated, Adobe Audition is the go-to as your audio editing software.

Good luck.