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Some best suggestion I need

I received a message from my Bayer she tell me to send a custom offer. But I told her please order me directly.

So what is best custom offer or direct order. Some one told me directly order increase my gig rank and position. So which one I select.


In a custom offer, you can increase or decrease your price but direct ordering is fixed price as set by you.


So direct order is may be best

Your choice. Both will add up in sales.


Which one increase my gig rank…

The feedback(rating) that you will get after the completion of the order will increase/decrease your rank. Positive feedback affects positively and negative feedback will affect negatively.


@shawon_sunny No problem. You can send both custom offer or direct order. Ranking defend on your positive feedback, professional service and best communication. ::slight_smile:

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I complete. 15 order and 14 5 star and only 1 1 star

Thank you so much…

the rating depends on your work not on the nature of order. Direct orders are from your gigs but custom orders are manually made orders with varying rates than the gigs.


So both are same but I always maintain a good that’s help me to increase my gig …right

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