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Some buyer are just pissed us (seller) off!

I encountered some ( just little portion of them ) buyers, simply straight away order your gig ($5), inside attached all of his files, and a very long essay like docx for the instruction, I assumed they just copy and paste the steps, and find all TRS and simply paste all these into it. They should really ask the seller first whether can do their job, and the price. These really pissed me off, first I need to ‘study & learn’ what they want, and the damn clock is ticking already. I just simply cancel the order. I’m pissed!

You always get people who do not bother to read things. The best thing to do is to be really clear in your gigs what you will and will not do. Also encourage people to contact you before placing orders. Answer any questions that they have.

You could be losing some really good potential customers if you are not taking the trouble to help them