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Some buyer not competing order requirements and order is still pending

HI, everyone!

I have some orders that not started and still show awaiting buyer requirements? is this will affect my ranking or gig overall impression? I’m not sure about this I have contact couple of time for those buyers to complete requirements and send reminder but they said that they will submit requirements in the current week.

But that order is still pending? so, what I can do now? please advise me?

You just have to wait for the buyer to make time to send you the requirements - if they told you they’ll come back, don’t rush them :wink:

If 1-2 weeks pass by and they still haven’t given you the requirements, then politely remind them that they have an inactive order to which they haven’t submitted the requirements (note: don’t tell them to send you the info as it would seem rather forced, but just remind them they have an incomplete order)

More so, pending orders are inactive, so they don’t affect any of your stats, rankings, etc. They are simply orders that sit in limbo.

P.S. some of us have pending orders from many years ago to which buyers never sent any info

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Ohhh, it’s really amazing to know that there are some orders still pending for years :open_mouth:
I have some orders which is 2 to 3 months and order is not started.

I am not forcing to submit requirements although I send many reminders polity to complete requirements.

No, it will not affect your ranking. If you have the requirements/information to start the work (as some buyers contact the seller via inbox and discussed the job details) then you can click on that I have the information. To see this option go to order page.
Clicking on this will start the clock, co not click on that order you did not know that what he/she is looking for. Wait for their response.

Beware of this “many” - too many can make a buyer feel annoyed or harassed, and they can report you for spamming them.

Yes, I know this “Many” can be dangerous that’s why I stopped remind them and just awaiting their action :slight_smile:

Yeah I know if I click I have all details then order will immediately start and countdown will start, but I don’t have any order requirements etc so there is only one option left that is waiting for action from their end :slight_smile:

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