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Some buyer ordered my Gig and he did not leave any message or anything


Fiverr Users,

What shall I do when a buyer orders a Gig without even telling what he wanted.

He did not even leave a message, instruction or files that I needed to work on to.

The time is ticking and I can’t do anything since I have no files to work on, no instructions at all, no nothing.

It may ruin my rep if I can’t deliver the gig, and of course I can’t deliver anything since I don’t have anything to work on to.

Please help. The clock is ticking right now. The buyer is not responding and there is another serious buyer that wanted to order a Gig and that I can’t attend to his order because of the pending Order.


The gig requires files from him? Shouldn’t the clock only start once he’s submitted the files? Well I know the answer to that, but- are you sure it did, I mean?

I didn’t submit the files for a gig until a day later and only until after I submitted the files did fiverr say “the clock is ticking”


The Gig is a Data Entry job, what will I enter? to what? …no message …no instruction. I got everything screencaped. I am just starting out with Fiverr and Im doing my best to give the Best Customer Service I am able to give. I don’t want my reputation to be ruined by this type of circumstances. The buyer is a Fiverr seller too, I don’t know his intention why he’d to that.


If your gig contains buyer instructions, then the count down doesn’t start until they enter the information. If your gig does not have any (and it should!), then you run the risk of the buyer not providing everything you need and time running out. Which is it?


Ugh! yeah I don’t have any instructions posted. I’ve now posted instruction on my Gigs. Case was already resolved. A previous client got happy with my service and gave me a tip by ordering the gig.


Reply to @touchtype: Glad to hear it worked out for you!