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Some Buyer Requests JUST FOR FUN

So, I like Buyer Requests. I met some of my best repeat buyers there. But, BR also provides much entertainment! Here are my favorites of the day:

  1. My Request Read carefully before applying blindly: I need a Content Writer. Original Content required. I want 25 posts of Original 1700-3500 words each. Each post should have original infographics, Fixed charges $10 for all 25 posts. (Yes you read it.) 25-35 days’ time would be given. Please note:: I am Not paying $10 per post. The price for 25 posts collectively is $10. Please write “I am” while replying so that I understood you have read my post.

What can I say? An original 1700-word article takes me about 3-4 hours to write. Add some infographics - another half hour or so? So, let’s round it to 4 hours for the argument. Yes, of course, I’ll be willing to do 4 hours x 25 for $10. What an opportunity!

  1. i am writing a story , its just two pages , its about falling involve with two brothers not knowing they were brothers that were princes. i need someone to help me main points 1- aurora (main character) came from the elite , very rich powerful family main character , the brothers she fell involve with were both princes… 2- auroras mother left her as a child , which made her rebellious / going to shrinks etc 3- she fell inlove with prince #1 when she was 15 they met at a gala she were inlove for years until he was forced into a marriage 4- aurora never recovered from the heartbreak 5- she met prince number 2 , not knowing he was his brother and fell inlove again after 8 years of feeling empty what I need : suspense thriller make people cry make them want more i have asked a couple of writers to write 2 pages … based on their imagination , if i like it , they will be chosen ! ( price will go higher depends how much work is done)

A love story, suspense-thriller. I must add here that the budget for this is $4000. I might just do it. The price can even go higher!

  1. I am looking for a written work an arrival about health,how to lose fat, computer or etc

To be fair, this one has a $5 budget. What especially tickles me is the connection between the fat-losing and the computer. The ‘or etc.’ opens up a whole world of imaginary fun.

Can you blame me that I like BR?


They do make me chuckle. I also laugh at the number of offers already sent on them as well.


Yeah, I also see that, and i was wondering any sellers bid on this. Why? :persevere:


For me I’m not using buyer requests section because the majority of them they don’t know what they want.


You’ll find most of those offers are from people who can’t actually provide the service the request wants. They just have a copied and pasted message in the hope they can get the first offer in, regardless of it’s quality and relevance to the job.


Can we make this a thing? The buyer requests section much like the forum is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a collection of screenshots I’ve been taking pretty much ever since I’ve joined.

Some offers are just too good to be forgotten


@urdeke I would love to make this ‘thing’ with you! Let’s start a BR Secret Giggles Group.


If I remember correctly, it was a thing at one time—kind of like the emoji game that still is live.


Fiverr should get rid of the BR section already. It’s not coherent with the platform’s philosophy. And it would get rid of a ton of meksells.


BR provides you both the money and the laughs. What more could you ask for?


Personally, I would hate that. I really think there is a place for BR and there’s nothing like the thrill of placing a winning bet! There should be some sort of vetting process however - for buyers AND sellers. I won’t go into it, it has been hashed out quite a few times already.

I would just like to say that I like the fact that a seller can also take matters into his/her own hands and try to win an order. I would say 70% of my orders (and long-time buyers) come from BR.


If you want to be bidding on projects, there are by far better platforms than Fiverr.


The #2 is my favourite :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Most of the times the buyers would wish to have a Lamborghini with having the budget of a horse cart … it happens so often :joy:


The number 3 is really very funny


They are undoubtedly entertaining and hilarious. I wonder how you might have felt taking the first glance at them.


It helps newbies get their first order. Other than that it’s useless


Why is there still no search filter in this BR? It would be nice to eliminate requests directly under a certain budget.


You have my attention, tell me more…


Hardly a newbie, definitely not my first order and I just got an order from there yesterday…any subsequent revenue I get from that client is because I dared to go to the BR section.

If I go to my contacts section and sort them out by ‘amount spent’ the top result is a buyer who I got from the BR section, and so is the fourth buyer.

If I had decided it was useless I would have passed on thousands of dollars…I just did the math and those 2 clients alone, which are amazing to work with btw, are responsible for 15% of my all time revenue here.