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Some buyers, am I right?


99.9 per cent of the buyers that I’ve had on Fiverr have been fantastic. It’s that .1 per cent that sometimes makes you want to quit. So I had a new buyer enquire about some writing, the gig sounded fun and they dug some of my samples. I say, as I usually do, let’s book one gig just so that we know we can work well together.

They book seven! I think, “Ok, not what I suggested but I like the confidence.” Needless to say, they didn’t like the first one I wrote. Instead of asking for a revision (I give one with every booking) they just say “hate it” and start a dispute to cancel the gig. The proceeds to cancel ALL SEVEN! I agree because what can I do and of course my “order completed” percentage goes down.

Such a shame you can have such a good record for years and ONE buyer can make such a difference. I still believe there should be a different algorithm for if they cancel vs if you cancel a gig, but this is the ranting pot not a wishing well and no matter how many times I’ve mentioned it to CS they just say “that’s the policy.”


Well, you don’t have to cancel the order that you already dilevered. It is fiverr policy that gigs are not cancelled based on the quality of work as long as you delivered everything as promised in the gig.