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Some Buyers... - And Possibly Sellers

Some buyers are just so self-destructive.

I have a buyer at present looking for a specific niche of articles. They ordered one test article and apparently liked it. - But they had to edit it. In this case, they have placed a second order and sent the original article back with revisions, to show me ideally what they are looking for.

And it’s horrendous.

There are NO edits/revisions to any of my original wording or the information presented. Instead, what the buyer has done (or possibly another Fiverr seller has done for them), is cut and paste chunks of existing articles from online and included these in various areas.

This is not to show me what they are looking for. (i.e. Just for demonstration purposes.) This is the now the finished article which they will be publishing on their site. - And I’m not comfortable with this.

It is clear that that the buyer does not have a full grasp on what they want. In this case, what I think they are doing, is ordering, then ordering from a so-called ‘editor’ on Fiverr to check things. Then this editor is simply Googling topics discussed and replacing my original wording with something similar from online.

The end result of this, of course, is an article which can be immediately flagged as plagiarized if anyone checks. And who will likely be held liable for writing a plagiarized article? - Me, most likely.

I’m not sure how I am going to proceed with this. My gut tells me I should cancel the next order and politely ask that this buyer not place anymore. - I just can’t afford more cancellations at the moment.


Why do you always get these weird buyers? I never get such problem buyers, maybe 4-5 of them last 4 years.

Possibly because I’m not cheap and attract people looking for more demanding work. - And I offer a more versatile range of services than you do, thanks to my savvy business sense.

Edit: And also, you might not check work like this for plagiarism but I do every time just to be 100% confident with regard to what I am delivering.


Possible…also, my high delivery time puts off non-serious buyers and I get serious buyers who order in bulk.

And yeah, I attach a screenshot of Copyscape results with every article.

Also, I guess my buyers are always surprised to see the quality of the work for $5 and now $10. It’s unexpected for them. Then they become regular buyers and get used to it. That’s why I have had very few negative reviews, 5 out of 3500+ completed orders, and I think only two of the them were justified.

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Yes, you’re quite the Fiverr superstar.

Nah, that would be the One Who Can’t Be Named. I produce quality work, but she produces quality work AND makes LOTS of money.

I haven’t personally seen evidence of either of these things so can’t really comment.

She will be seething at you for that. LOL. (She is a lurker).

Anyway, I suppose my original point (before being reminded how amazing some other sellers are - ‘patchy’ though their work might be sometimes), was should I tell this buyer that their article is no longer plagiarism free?

I’m sensing that this might not go down well with this buyer. Especially if they are just a reseller and trusting other Fiverr sellers to tell them what is acceptable rather than assessing work for themselves.


Here’s the problem. The more explanations you give, the harder it becomes. Since we are not face to face, there is a lot of potential for misunderstanding and before you know it things escalate.


Yes. But if this buyer later finds out their work is partially plagiarized, what is to stop them complaining to Fiverr and getting a refund or having my account hit with a warning?

Since the chunks of text inserted in my article are from high authority, top ranking web pages discussing similar topics, I can’t imagine that the problem will go unnoticed for long.

Yeah, but my point is, don’t be antagonistic. There is a way to make the same point without hurting anyone’s ego.

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If I were the buyer here, I would want to know that plagiarized work was in the text, and it could hurt my rankings. As a seller, I would also advise explaining this. I would probably handle it as follows.

Hi [username],

Thanks for sending back a revised version of the article I originally sent you. As I was reading through, I noticed that new text had been added to certain areas.

As this new text was not in my original article, I wanted to ensure you were safe to publish the revised article on your website, as duplicated text from elsewhere can have a negative impact on your SEO. I ran the article through plagiarism software and discovered that the new text had been copied and pasted from high-ranking articles that are already published on other websites.

Here are a couple of examples: -list text and oriignal url-

I would strongly advise against adding new text from published articles or publishing this article “as is.” Google and other search engines will pick up on copied text and may penalize your website placement in search results.

Please note that I ensure all the content I write for you is original, plagiarism-free, and not duplicated. I am, of course, happy to make minor tweaks and revisions to my original work, based on your feedback, but you may want to remove the newly-added, copied text. I would recommend sticking with my original article, together with any minor revisions you believe need to be made.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,

I hope this helps!


I’ve sent a message worded very much like this earlier, however, the buyer isn’t responding despite still being online. (Bad sign).

From experience, this kind of situation is very tricky for sellers the more budget priced they are. Some re-sellers build up their egos to such a point where any questioning of their authority/way of doing things just resonates with them as an insult. (No matter how puppy-cuddling politely, ‘by the way here is a free Lamborghini’ you word things.)

Anyway, I’m nurturing a pregnancy craving for olives and creating my first Linux tablet at the moment. In this case, I’ll just let the buyer muse things over and see what happens.

Fair enough - I know you have to deal with a fair bit of this stuff, so good luck with containing the ego-splosion! In the meantime, I like the slightly milder green ones (olives.)

“so, you want me to write an article and then copy paste stuff I find on the web in the middle of it?”

People are weird.

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I do too. - But rue how they appear bigger on the outside of the jar than they actually are on the inside. :frowning: