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Some buyers are indeed wicked


imagine a buyer requesting a 2 hours video clip transcipted for $5


When I was starting off I did 60 minutes for 5$


bro please be atleast considerate, 2 hours video clip for 5 bucks!!


Well don’t do it then - nobody’s forcing you to take on any job you don’t want to.

You can say no to any request you don’t want to do.

I think there’s far worse in life that could be described as ‘wicked’.


Imagine what they will get from the person who agrees to that price!


What I didn’t tell you is that the same people who paid 5$ for 60 minutes now come to me with 60$ for 15 minutes. That’s 20$ for 5 minutes. Build a lasting impression and clients will be back for more. If you think 2hours for 5$ is wicked wait until you hit several months without any order atleast the person who did that 2 hours ended up with a some dollars, a possible long term client and more experience in how the site works.