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Some buyers are intentionally place orders and cancel it back. SHOULD RAISE UP AGAINST THIS...!

There are some buyers, intentionally place the order and cancel it back. This is so unfair and CS should take some action against this type of buyers. It will badly affect the seller’s account and please beware.

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Yes, CS should take step for these kind of buyers who intentionally do order and then cancel them later with no reason.


yes, There is no protection for sellers


Why would someone do this intentionally and how do you know it is intentional? They have nothing to gain.

If you’re attracting scammers, ask yourself why. But scammers scam to get something. No one has something to.gain by doing this. Affecting your ratings doesnt get them work.

Please corroborate claims you make here.


Each and everyone in this world is totally different. Different people have different mind sets. There are set of people, who doing this continuously. As you said, they don’t get anything. That’s their bad self satisfaction. We cannot change the mind sets of people. We have to beware from that. That why i post it here.

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What he described is not how it works in any country. Because it can’t.

What kind of action do you think CS should take? :thinking:

It may not be intentional but it may be entitlement mentality. For example a buyer placed an order and demanded I buy web hosting for her while its clearly not offered in my gig. The gall of entitlement mentality is appalling.

Solution: Clearly mention in your gig to discuss requirement before placing order. Setup delivery date to 15 days on all your gigs given that CS is taking 10 days to respond to order cancellation request. You can mention the actual delivery date in your gig.