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Some Buyers are only to destroy ratings


A buyer ordered a gig from me and when i delivered it.He straight-away posted a negative review.He didn’t asked me for any revision either i included unlimited revisions.My rating has gone down with that one single comment.What should we do to that type of buyers,who only destroy our ratings.Please answer Thanks


I checked your gig and the negative review. What you delivered is EXACTLY as described in your gig. Report it to Customer Service and they should remove the negative review for you. It might take a few days.


That’s why, in my opinion, Fiverr should add a “buyer rating” system too.


I looked at it and you delivered what you promised. Write to customer support with a screenshot of his review and a link to what you delivered for him. It’s definitely not a valid review in my opinion.

Delete your reply to him.


if you think this is wrong, please contact customer support, they will fix it. . .


It happens many times. I think customer Support will not remove review without buyer’s assent. What I would like to suggest is just send him cancelation request and if he accept then review will be removed automatically. It always worked for me. Refund and move on.


Reply the review: “You did not demand a revision, you did not ask for a refund, so it’s your fault.” Of course, yesterday I had a buyer threaten me with a 1-star review because I demanded a refund and refused to do a revision. So I contacted Fiverr, they closed the order for me.

P.S. Don’t include unlimited revisions, some people are never happy and you have better things to do with your time.


I had 1 person like that few days ago…I asked one time Fiverr Support, but like “ilovenish” said, they won’t remove it. Try to cancel the order :slight_smile:


I agree with those saying to tell CS. It doesn’t hurt to try, and do give them screenshots because it could speed things up. I would leave up the practical part of your review response, but remove and don’t use unprofessional words of any kind. Being professional strengthens your case.


Complain to Fiverr. They will delete your negative rating.


That would help with buyers who demand performance without providing adequate information. I’ve just spent approximately 5 hours trying to create a press release for a buyer who refused any information on which a press release would be based.


Had a look at it and agree with everyone saying you delivered what he was asking for. Actually that is why I miss 2 important buttons on Fiverr:

1.) On every profile should be a button or option where you can block a user before he/she even reachs out to you. Because there are people you just don’t want to deal with.
2.) When an order comes in there has to be an approval option. Something like a ‘deny-button’.


Yes.You are saying right.I will report.Thanks


Exactly. We desperately need this system and it should not be difficult as Fiverr is collecting buyer data already.


100% agree with you


Recently I have a buyer like that always he give me 4 star rivew complain fiverr cs they will help you


some Indian buyer want to blackmail like that and want to give bad review so I have to cancel even if after 100% complete that job


Some buyers are like this only.

Report it to fiverr, possibly they will help you out!

Same happned to me and they helped.

Currently, I have a request pending with them for the same issue. Hope they solve it.


Yes it happens. Some buyers send you text that your work was amazing, they are impressed and give you 4.5 star rating. I do not understand why they keep 0.5 with them :stuck_out_tongue:


Great advice! If you want steady sales then do not hesitate in cancellation. You will get more buyers.