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Some buyers are still playing games with sellers

Some of the fraud buyers are still playing games with sellers. Recently i had a bad experience. On my gig i have explained everything, what a buyer will get from a gig that they purchased from me. One of the buyer ordered a video from me and provided the images that he wants to include on the video. I have completed the project and send it to him. But he said those images doesn’t look like an hand drawn image and he wants to cancel the order.

I have contacted the support team, but i got the usual reply, you have to satisfy the buyer, even if you have completed the project according to your gig. Just keep in mind that sellers are not slaves of buyers. After i got the reply from CS team, i have redrawn the images with my hand and delivered. At the beginning i told him that even if his images doesn’t work, i will use some alternatives, Then he wants to redrawn some more images, i have done that as well. So 2 revisions completed. Again he is demanding that the redrawn images should be ditto of the images that he provided, not alternatives.

This is actually a $95, but i have done the work of a $400 order (like a custom handrawn video). So fiverr is always with the clients, sellers doesn’t have any sort of safety or nothing. It seems like i have to cancel the order after done this much of work. This is not the matter of money, fiverr must provide some safety or security for sellers as well, without sellers fiverr is nothing, I am working here for morethan 6 years, because of this order and revisions my ontime delivery ration has been reduced to 96%. That’s it…


You need to learn how to say “no”. If you’ve provided as many revisions as you offer, refuse to do any more for free. If the buyer wants more revisions after the revision limit noted on your gigs, then inform him – politely – that he has to purchase additional revisions. If he chooses not to do so, then the order is complete. Be willing to say “no”, and stand by the value of your work.

Bad buyers usually get their way, and receive whatever they demand, because sellers keep giving it to them. Don’t give in to bad buyers. Buyers are not entitled to services they did not purchase.


You could check whether the images he’s provided are copyrighted and whether you have the necessary permissions. If you don’t have the rights you could let him know that you’ll have to use alternatives for that reason.

Previously i rejected his demand and send mail to support team, but they replied me you have to satisfy the buyer or the order would be cancelled…so i have redone everything from beginning

I have redrawn everything with similar handrawn style, he seems like a psycho, doesn’t accept anything…

The buyer cannot refuse an order simply because they don’t like it for some reason.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about this, and how this fits in with the statement that “you have to satisfy the buyer” as those two things are at odds.

One of your gigs says two revisions and the others say “Revisions: We care for you, that’s why we’ll even do few revisions for free (Changes in script are not included). You must request changes within 3 days after delivery.”

So you will need to do as many revisions as he asks for within that 3 days time you gave. You really need to change that to 2 revisions.

I see you gave him two revisions so you don’t have to do more. I’m not sure about having to satisfy him if he refuses to be satisfied, but he can’t say he doesn’t like it and cancel it for that reason. Of course you can agree to cancel to get rid of him if you want to.


Yes i am providing 2 free revisions, they can see those things while placing the order or i mention it prior to order the gig, thats not an issue, i already provided 2 revisions for this buyer as well…he is still asking for revisions…

Then you can say no more revisions. Or send an offer for two more revisions for $30 or whatever you want, make it $60 if you want. He can try to be satisfied but has to pay for that. :wink:

Or you can cancel. It’s your decision. I would never agree to cancel if I did the job well and as described.


Thats right, i will try to send the additional cost, i really don’t like this guy, i am really frustrated with this guy…

Then make it for a lot of money, the extra revisions, more than he will pay. That way it sounds like you tried to please him at least.


sure, i will try that…

I’m actually curious: can you post here images that he sent and your work that you did for comparison if you are ok with that?

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At the very beginning, i placed the same images that he provided…but he is saying that the drawing style is different…so i re-created all the icons by my own hand.!

I am so sorry. I usually now feel buyers’ character and try to get out of there. Buyers who ask for lower and lower prices usually have the greatest expectations.

I got 2 buyers who asked for low prices and then left bad reviews.

It’s looks… your drawing is not satisfying as per your buyer expectation. :smile:
you made it computer generated with lacks of quality

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They really aren’t hand-drawn, but what would you expect for those prices.

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I tried that… it doesn’t work … it usually ends up with cancelling the order , lowering your completion rate , maybe you can also get reported,then you might get a warning or even worse .

In theory that’s easy … BUT if you want to avoid any issues doing that might be wrong … In the past 6 years almost all my attempts to explain to a ’ bad buyer ’ that he is not following the rules or the description of the gig ended up bad … If his intention is to cause you trouble then he will cause you trouble , it doesn’t matter how you talk to them some are here only for free services , they don’t care too much about sellers or about ethics . I hope that one day I will be proven wrong.

Yesterday I even got insulted after someone said he likes my ideas ( it was about taglines/slogans ) then all of the sudden he became rude , telling me that I need to change my job and so on because I didn’t use a word that he wanted in a few slogans… so from 20 slogans that I sent ( he ordered only 5 but those are only details ) around 7 didn’t contain a specific word that he mentioned so he got 13 slogans for the price of 5 , plus 7 that were very related to what he asked just without a specific word… and for that I got insulted and ended up with cancelling the order . Luckily most of my buyers are really great and most of them know how to communicate in a professional way but then there’s 2% of them that are here only to cause trouble , perhaps it has something to do with their education who knows.

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Handrawn svg images means, we use inkscape software to draw custom images from scratch…

Yes its handrawn software generated images, that is how handrawn images are made (svg), this is for a cartoonish whiteboard animation video, not for flyers or banners…buyer wants alternative handrawn images, not exact icon.

Those images you did are fine. I don’t see much difference. He wants you to cancel obviously to get it free.