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SOME buyers are too rude to handle!


Buyer changed everything but didn’t ask me anything before. His website went down and he started to charge me. I had to make everything from scratch.


That’s horrible… Maybe making some rules before the payment can help?


That’s unfortunate. :neutral_face:


escaping this type of issues what rules should be use before the payment?


Always make a backup of website before delivering to the client and keep them for at least 3 months.


Wait the buyer charged YOU? That’s some next level Fiverr selling


I think he meant time which will make more sense.


I didn’t deliver. As he is the owner he has the access. So he changed!


I guess something along the lines of “Keep in mind any changes you make should be discussed before, or else you’d have to suffer the consequences from it”
maybe i’m on the wrong side here, but if they don’t know i feel like it’s more likely that they’ll take advantage of you.


Saying that to a buyer is likely to get you thrown off the site. It comes across as very threatening.

There are better ways to phrase things. :wink:


We all are facing this problem :zipper_mouth_face:


Same problem happened with me


same problem with me


I think fiverr should make more rules to restrict buyer from doing anything they wish. The amount of support we get as seller from Fiverr is not sufficient.


This thing needs to have some limitations for the buyer ‘unlimited revisions’ doesn’t mean you are going to do everything! But Fiverr needs to get aware, when a buyer gets a work done there are some disloyal buyer who takes the advantage of unlimited revision and creating a situation when a seller bounds to cancel the order even though he has done the work perfectly. I firmly deny it. And these days it has increased a lot I may recommend Fiverr to see this issue and not only give priorities to buyers only but have something for the sellers also. A few people would disagree but its Fact!